Apple $2.5 billion lawsuit against rival Samsung over iPhone and iPad in Silicon Valley jurors’ hands

“Nine Silicon Valley residents who presided over the epic three-week patent trial between smartphone titans Apple Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. began deliberating the multibillion-dollar case Wednesday,” Paul Elias reports for The Associated Press.

“Apple is demanding Samsung pay it $2.5 billion for allegedly stealing the design technology of the iPad and iPhone to create illegal knockoffs,” Elias reports. “During closing arguments Tuesday, a lawyer for Apple said that Samsung was having a ‘crisis of design’ after the launch of the iPhone, and executives with the South Korean company were determined to illegally cash in on the success of the revolutionary device.”

Elias reports, “Apple Corp. argues that Samsung Electronics Co. should pay the Cupertino-based company $2.5 billion for ripping off its iPhone and iPad technology when it marketed competing devices. Samsung has sold 22.7 million smartphones and tablets using stolen — ‘infringed’ in legalese — Apple technology since June 2010 on sales of $8.16 billion, Apple’s lead attorney, Harold McElhinny told jurors Tuesday. ‘The damages in this case should be large because the infringement has been massive,’ he said.”

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  1. NewsFlash:

    The Nine Silicon Valley residents are unanimously in favour of Apple and a sales ban placed on all Samsung products to date UNTIL Google re-writes Android; enforcing a no-clone policy. Afterwards, Samsung can continue its sales with its GALAXY S III designs and Googles latest os; code name “toasted marshmallow”.

  2. Whatever the verdict, appeals will follow. The saga will proceed unabated, the lawyers pocket their pay, and the rumors and mudslinging continue. Hooray, months more of repeated blather and excoriation, venom and worry, uncertainty and speculation. Make one sentimental for the days when arguments where settled in blood.

  3. Interesting that lawyers trained in logic, argument, and presentation of ideas (i.e. professionals) are at the mercy of jurors, some of whom, may be complete idiots, poorly educated, indifferent, confused, and incoherent. I doubt that 40% of California citizens have the mental capacity to sift through the legal debate and come up with a reasoned conclusion.

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