Apple v. Samsung Judge Lucy Koh: Everyone ‘stay conscious’ now, okay?

“This morning’s Apple and Samsung patent trial proceedings will begin with a rather tedious reading of the 84 lengthy “jury instructions,” which tell the jurors how to apply the law while they deliberate,” Jessica E. Vascellaro reports for The Wall Street Journal. “The nine jurors get copies, but they also get a dramatic (okay, maybe not dramatic) reading from Judge Lucy Koh.”

“The judge is clearly jazzed. ‘I need everyone to stay conscious during the reading of the instructions, including myself,’ Koh warned Tuesday mornin,” Vascellaro reports.

MacDailyNews Take: In other words: Lay off the crack.

Vascellaro reports, “To help, she said she would ask everyone to stand from time to time to keep the blood flowing. Closing arguments will follow… Another interesting tidbit from the files this morning: Apple can’t remind Samsung lawyers how to be lawyers. Judge Koh shot down a request from Apple that Samsung’s lawyers be reminded how to argue their closing arguments.”

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    1. “Even when there is more diversity on the bench, minority judges still need to maintain the disguise of objectivity or else face challenges to their decisions.” Judge Lucy H. Koh, (Senator Sessions-Senate Confirmation Hearing).

      11. Judge Koh made these Unconstitutional and bogus rulings because she knows that the evidence is overwhelming and if I or YOU, the ATTORNEY GENERAL, were to present the evidence to a jury the jury would conclude that the Palo Alto Police did in fact edit and falsify videos and taser gun activation data.
      12. Judge Koh cannot refute the fact that there are scenes of video footage missing from Temores’ MAV video and the Taser videos which is why she refused to acknowledge or even address the missing footage in her decisions.’s-decision-condones-the-use-of-falsified-evidence/

  1. Is it just me or does anyone else feel as if the courts are there just for show? I get this feeling of being in an Alice in Wonderland set…. the judge is saying, ” No silly, we don’t do any real work, we are just here to make the system look good. Justice, you say? Did you really believe that story…..well, theres one about Santa you just got to hear?

    1. Shirley you jest? The judge was delivering rulings at 2am. She’s been keeping similar hours throughout the entire trial, 7 days a week.
      Just because a judge who has 14 years of being a lawyer and 4 years of being a trial judge behind her and ALL the evidence in front of her makes a decision you don’t agree with doesn’t mean she’s wrong . . . .

  2. What we really need is professional jurors or at least baseline standards to ensure the jurors properly understand the evidence and how to do their job. Maybe a college degree requirement is a start.
    I know, I know – what about a jury of your peers? Well, I’d rather have intelligent jurors than ones who render decisions based on emotion.

    1. So you know who the jurors are, their background, their education? Apple and Samsung attorneys select the jurors from a pool, eliminating those they do not want. Try some knowledge next time.

  3. “To help, she said she would ask everyone to stand from time to time to keep the blood flowing.”

    Turn this into a game. Whenever somebody says, “Steve Jobs,” everybody stand up.

  4. The jury must have had a very large lunch with turkey for the meat portion.

    She’s probably just afraid they might slip into a tryptophan-induced coma during the proceedings.

    Probably should have served them some spicy gumbo instead.

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