Samsung stock slides after resting patent infringement case v. Apple

“Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) fell the most in more than seven weeks in Seoul trading after it rested its case in a patent-infringement trial with Apple Inc. (AAPL) in California,” Saeromi Shin and Jun Yang report for Bloomberg.

“The stock of the world’s largest maker of TVs and mobile phones dropped 3.7 percent and was the biggest drag on the MSCI Emerging Markets Index,” Shin and Yang report. “Apple sued Samsung in April 2011, accusing it of copying patented designs for mobile devices such as iPhones… Apple accounts for about 9 percent of Samsung’s revenue, making it the company’s biggest customer, according to a Bloomberg supply-chain analysis. Samsung is the exclusive manufacturer of Apple-designed chips for iPhones and iPads.”

Shin and Yang report, “Samsung slid to 1,295,000 won at the close of trading in Seoul today, the biggest decline since June 25.”

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    1. I have been trying to understand what is the meaning of her statement. I know it is customary for the judge to urge the parties to the case to settle all along the way, but does this statement mean that possibly both will lose? I don’t see how that is possible. I do think it is highly likely that the winning party will not get everything that they are after if that is what she means.

      From many accounts, Apple has already achieved a great deal of what they wanted in that SameSung has eliminated many of the legal problems in their new products. Apple just wanted to stop the slavish copying from SameSung and deter all others from doing so as well. If they get anything besides what they have accomplished, it is just icing on the cake.

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