What if Apple’s iPhone 5 is just super-thin, but not taller than iPhone 4S? (with video)

“Dutch animator Bastiaan de Jong, Founder of 3D-desk in Amsterdam, thinks he knows what the next iPhone will look like, and he has the HD renderings to prove demonstrate it,” Anthony Wing Kosner reports for Forbes.

“According to de Jong, whose company, ‘provides state-of-the-art interactive 3D animations of the latest mobile phones to telecom retailers,’ the iPhone 5 will indeed be much thinner, have a smaller dock connector, have more rounded edges than its predecessor and, surprisingly at this point, the ‘same screen size to keep iOS developer-friendly,'” Kosner reports.

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  1. If Apple doesn’t release a larger screen or additional model with larger screen I believe this will start the decline of iPhone. (not ipad) People like variety, one size DOES NOT fit all. I will not upgrade from 4 until a larger screen is available. I think a lot of people would agree. Don’t care if it’s elongated or just proportionally larger. Apple needs to give us something….

    1. I think a lot of people would also agree with me that the Galaxy S3 is too damn big, doesn’t run iOS, and therefore is a non-starter – regardless of screen size.

      The question is, how many people share my opinion and how many share yours?

  2. Personally I don’t care about how thin it is…What I DO care about is the battery. I sent my iPad 3 back after 2 weeks (using iPad 2 again) due to the battery issues (far too long to charge up) and my 4S has been replaced twice now, this third unit can’t last a day of my use. I am invested heavily in Apple ecosytem and love nearly every aspect, but the battery life is a huge pain. When I go into the country I get about 7-8 hours max with less than 1 hour of that actual talk time.

    1. You have to do what’s right for you. I like the retina display of the new iPad and understand that it’s battery is significantly larger to power it, and therefore takes a lot longer to charge. It’s a tradeoff that works for me, but I definitely get your point, too. As for the iPhone, I agree battery life is not ideal so I keep chargers at my office, in my car, at home, in my bag. Some of my colleagues carry external battery packs. So there are workarounds, but agree battery life isn’t ideal.

      1. yes I have a charger on my desk, next to the bed, in every car and motorbike, my truck and even my bobcat has a charger in it! Caravan? Yep you guessed it and when camping I have a battery powered charger in the swag. When I itemise it like this it seems absurd…but i keep two SB’s running while away.

  3. If their only justification for having the screen size the same as the 4S is to be developer friendly then it’s stupid.

    They obviously have no idea what’s going on in the iOS developer world.

    The next iPhone will have a larger display than the current model, bet on it.

  4. I don’t care about a taller screen. I’m more interested in easy of use and ergonomics. If I have to use two hands to use the device it’s a pour design and is what is wrong with most android phone out now a days. I’m not interested in a tiny tablet I want a phone that fits in my hand and connects to fast networks. Gets great battery life. The current Retina display on the iPhone is still better than everything out there. Why get a larger screen and give up simplicity.

    1. not everyone’s hand is the same size. Duh! My man hands can handle a larger screen and by the way the larger screened androids sell, I’m not alone. Apple need to give us a choice given what android mfg are doing with screen size. Larger screen option will mean more sales FOR SURE! Maybe even make toast of android at last?

      1. I’m 6’3″ and have man hands, man legs, and man pants to cover them, and even *I* don’t want a phone the size of the Galaxy S3. It’s too big.

        I love the idea of the taller 16:9 screen, but judging by the photos I’ve seen, the rumored “tall” 16:9 screen and device footprint will be pushing the limit of the size device I want to have stuck in my pocket.

  5. I’m as big an Apple fan as everyone else here on this site. I have bought all previous iPhone models on day 1 and I would be super disappointed if the next model did not have at least a 4 inch screen. 5 inches is a bit to big, 4.3 to 4.5 inches would probably be just about right, I could live with 4.

    3.5 has been great, but I am ready for a larger screen. Would I not buy it if the next model was the same screen size? That is the question I now ponder. I am heavily invested in Apple. My family and I have 1 4s, a 4 and a 3GS. The iPad 1 and 3, 3 Apple TVS, a MacBook Pro and an iMac. If I stayed with the next model iPhone it would purley be because of my investment in The Apple ecosystem and not the product itself.

    I guess that is what Apple is betting on if they do decide to stay with 3.5 inches.

    1. i have 2 iphones in the house, ipad and MBP as well and i might buy an android phone for myself. i’ve been thinking about a new kindle fire or ipad mini but i might just trade in my 4S for a Galaxy Note 2. i like to read and its a nice blend of phone/tablet and no need to carry around multiple devices

      at this point almost every popular app is on both platforms and buying a samsung device is a safe bet since they won the android war.

  6. It’s hard to tell. I know many people want a larger screen like Android phones, and that would likely give it a better viewing experience. I don’t like how large and uncomfortable the larger screen phones are, though. They’re also challenging on the pockets. I wear dress slacks or slim fit slacks and can’t stand bulky items showing up in my pockets so I prefer the smaller form factor.

    Thinness is very iffy. A hard, more resilient chassis might make it a decent tradeoff, otherwise there’s the options of sitting on it and [breaking] it…

    1. I kind of agree. I have an iPad 2 now. Have had an iPad since day one release. Since that time, my iPhones have been relegated to being, well, pretty much just phones. I’m no weightlifter and really, I’m not even in what you would call “good shape”, but somehow I manage to bear the hefty bulk of an iPad with me nearly everywhere I go. It just ain’t that heavy or bulky.

      If the iPad could make and receive phone calls……….well, that might spell the end of my phone possession days altogether. Until then, I’ll stick with the 4S as my phone. I love Siri and it serves me well in a pinch for the very infrequent times I do not have my iPad with me. The size is perfect. The build quality is superb. I it were thinner – I WOULD be afraid I’d sit on it in my pocket and destroy it.

      I get why others want a larger screen iPhone. But it’s Apple. Even if they make a larger screen iPhone, you know what’s still going to be around for looooooong time for people who don’t want one? The 4S. And it’ll also be a lot cheaper. So I say bring on the larger model! It may not be for me – but that’s okay. I’ve got my iPad. 🙂

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