Microsoft’s enterprise app store will be Apple’s demise – again

“Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance – Apple’s 5 stages of enterprise grief are still in its first stage. As you recall, the company lost out to Microsoft in the eighties by its lack of enterprise understanding. Sadly, it appears to be déjà vu all over again,” Mark Fidelman writes for Forbes.

“Apple’s enterprise philosophy seems to consist of one sentence, ‘I’ll sell you anything you want as long as it’s for the consumer.’ Why Apple hasn’t learned from its history lessons is something they’ll need to take up with its shareholders in the future,” Fidelman writes. “For now, they are still drunk from the success of their mobile products.”

Fidelman writes, “For Microsoft, the history lesson seems to be that if you don’t get your enterprise strategy right you won’t get your financials right, which is why they don’t believe the view that Apple has found the magic formula of forcing IT departments to accept its products without so much as a phone call. While Apple’s strategy appears to be working in the short term, it will soon fall victim to either a Microsoft, IBM or Google focus on creating holistic enterprise experiences with devices and software.”

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MacDailyNews Take: BYOD is not a passing fad, it is the future of enterprise computing. The reign of the IT doofus is over. Fidelman is wrong.

Fidelman offers a bunch of opinions, but not facts to back them up. We offer the related articles below:

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  1. I’d like to see Apple make more enterprise friendly hardware again – rack-mount servers, blade servers specifically. Their XServe line didn’t make a loss, it just didn’t make enough profit. If Apple TV is a ‘hobby’ worth keeping alive, then surely professional back-room hardware is.

  2. A few thoughts.
    I thought the article was going to be a tongue in cheek article about Apple and Microsoft switching roles and outcomes. I was surprised that the author really means what the article says.

    We are in the post PC world.
    Desktop sales are declining and desktops are on the way out.
    Laptops will be around a little longer and then be gone!

    All replaced by iPads in various sizes and configurations with computing power to do what desktops and laptops have done!

    Ios devices are in the vast majority of fFortune 500 companies or are being tested by them.

    IPads are being used in commercial jets to replace the papre binders that pilots use.
    Ford has introduced iPads to sales personnel.
    IPads are in schools from kindergarten to college. These are where our future executives and workers will be coming from. it’s a new day.

    If you believe the author of the article, load up on microsoft stock.
    If you think otherwise may I suggest AAPL!

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