Apple v. Samsung fireworks: Did Samsung-hired expert have improper access to Intel source code?

At the Apple v.s Samsung trial “on Tuesday, the issue at hand was whether a Samsung-hired expert, Tim Williams, was given access to Intel source code without fully disclosing his potential conflicts of interest,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“Lawyers for Intel brought up the issue on Tuesday saying that they had just learned that Williams had been given access to the code earlier this year,” Fried reports. “Under a court order, parties such as Intel are supposed to be given notice when their confidential information is shared.”

Fried reports, “Intel asked that Williams be precluded from testifying, something that Judge Lucy Koh would be an extreme remedy at this point. However, Koh decided that she needed more details, declaring that Williams would not testify as scheduled on Tuesday and ordering both sides to produce the relevant documents and their legal arguments. ‘I want to see papers,’ Koh said. ‘I don’t trust what any lawyer in this court room tells me.'”

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  1. From the source article:

    1:24 p.m.: Legal matters finally settled, Wang is now on the stand. Wang is a user experience designer for Samsung Electronics and is testifying in Korean via an interpreter. …Asked whether, in designing icons for the Galaxy products she copied any of Apple’s icons. …“Not at all,” she said.

    But honey, we’ve already SEEN the blatantly ripped off icons AND we have legal testimony to the fact that you folks were ordered to make the icons look less like Apple’s, and you FAILed to do so. That’s PERJURY. Oh joy. ;?

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