Tim Bajarin: Apple to polish Apple TV set-top box rather than release Apple-branded TV set

“Over the last two weeks, Apple has made some very important — and to us long time Apple watchers, curious — moves. It added Hulu to the Apple TV lineup and let Amazon release its instant video streaming app for the iPad,” Tim Bajarin writes for PC Magazine. “I say that this is a curious move because these products compete directly with Apple’s own iTunes store and, in theory, will impact its services revenue.”

“While Apple could still make a physical TV, I think this move incorporating Hulu and Amazon is very telling of Apple’s future TV strategy,” Bajarin writes. “The key here is that for Apple’s current TV device to make money, it needs content. By biting the bullet and offering competing services to iTunes, the value proposition of an Apple TV device rises. Apple can now accelerate its TV plans through areas it excels in, namely software and human interfaces.”

Bajarin writes, “I believe that it can do all that it wants to do in these areas through an external box that connects to a TV and delivers iTunes and its cloud services.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. If Apple polishes up the Apple TV I hope they also add about 3 HDMI inputs so we can use it to switch sources to the TV. Such a hassle to get the TV remote to switch it to the DVR, game, etc.

  2. This is just an opinion piece people, why is everyone speaking as if Apple made an announcement… They Haven’t.

    And just because Apple added Hulu doesn’t prove a thing, and most of all it doesn’t prove this rumor as a fact.

    Move on.

  3. How about a cable box that actually works right? I would love it if Apple would make a box that cable TV companies could use. My current cable box runs –Windows CE– of all the stupidest OS’s to run media on its that! If something is not working, its almost always the OS on that piece of junk cable box. They like to freeze up at annoying times too.

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