How to bring back ‘Save As…’ to OS X Mountain Lion

“When OS X Lion debuted, our old-friend Save As… had been sent packing for a new imposter, Duplicate. We tried to like this new one, but wow was it not the same,” Rob LeFebvre reports for Cult of Mac. “Luckily, Mountain Lion has brought Save As… back, only in a sneaky, less than obvious way.”

Here’s “how to return good-old-Save As… to its former glory, in the exalted spot it used to reside in. Here’s how,” LeFebvre reports. “If you’ve upgraded to Mountain Lion, you’ll be able to do this right away.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you feel you must. But if you, do, you have to finally give Lion-style scrolling a chance. A day or two with it, and you’ll be just fine with it, we promise!


  1. my question is, why take save as out? how much extra code do they really save by doing that? just because ipad and iphones don’t need to manage files like a computer, doesn’t mean the save as feature should go away, for people who create tons of files, it’s a critical option to have… someone with a brain please inform the ones without one that it’s a foolish move to take it away…

  2. Apple needs to apologize for its arrogance at removing the SAVE AS feature, and, when bringing it back, not even putting it in the main menu. It reeks of techno-arrogance.

    1. +1

      Apple has been pulling way to many bone-headed MS-esque moves since Steve left us. I thought Apple was dedicated to a natural, intuitive user experience. Instead we are getting clouds and bloat and unintuitive crap shoved down our throats. Hell, even Apple ads are going to pot. Not cool, Apple. Not cool at all.

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