Apple aims for total war, salted earth in Samsung patent infringement fight

“As the high-stakes patent trial between Apple and Samsung Electronics moves into its second day Tuesday, one thing is clear: Apple is committed to waging total war,” Brian Patrick Eha reports for CNNMoney.Like the Roman Empire in its victory over Carthage, Apple seems determined to salt the earth so that its competitor can never rise again.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, yeeesss! More, please!

“Apple is seeking to have the court case declared “exceptional,” a legal standard under which the jury could award treble damages,” Eha reports. “That’s three times the amount of actual, provable damages — which Apple is claiming run to billions of dollars.”

MacDailyNews Take: Siri, what was that we wrote about Samsung four days ago? Oh, that’s right: “Samsung is a despicable, derivative, classless company that deserves only misery, torment and pain.”

Eha reports, “Apple is also seeking to recoup 100% of Samsung’s profits from the sales of any products found to be in violation of Apple’s patents… It’s also seeking a permanent injunction to stop Samsung from selling all infringing products… Silicon Valley is constantly embroiled in patent battles, but this is a high-profile skirmish in Apple’s worldwide crusade against Android. Steve Jobs, before his death, vowed to go to ‘thermonuclear war’ on Google and the Android phone makers that he felt had blatantly ripped off Apple’s iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let justice prevail!

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  1. I saw part of an interview with Sergey Brin on Charlie Rose last night. What a lying sack of shit! I hope Apple goes for Google’s throat when they finish with Samsung.

  2. Why will this trial be any different than any of the other trials around the world that have denied Apple’s ownership of innovation and slapped the company for infringing FRAND patents?

    I’ll believe in justice when I see it.

    1. OK set the Kool-aid aside and be aware that as this case is being heard Google and others including Sammy will drag Apple into Courtnto defend their copy cat ways as well. This is nothing more than theatre and grand standing as in the end no Court will ever side with giving any company a free pass to non-competition. Was there copying? Of course there was but Sammy will hit back where it hurts too. There is a irony in all of this in that as consumers why does anyone even give a flying you know what about this as in the end we all win. Think for a second if we all had to drive Fords due to Patents…. Yikes.

      Lastly, SJ was pissed at Google and Apple can dance with Google but taking on Samsung in another kettle of fish.

      1. It will be hard to nail Apple for copying since Apple has been innovating software and hardware since the late 70s.

        No matter what Google or Samsung has done in the hardware or software fields to enhance their cell phones or tablets, Apple has done the same thing, long ago, on computers since the 80s, PDAs since the 90s, tablets and iPods since 2000 and cell phones since 2003.

        Prior art is prior art. Good luck with your little pipe dream.

  3. Apple has 90 billion in the bank – plenty enough cash to kill Samsung.

    I will NEVER EVER buy any Samsung products.

    The funny thing is, is I’d Samsung had just admitted that they did copy apple (and it’s obvious to everyone try did) I would ha e bought a new Samsung tv.

    So their lies and crap lost them a sale.

    The best way to finish Samsung is simply not to buy any of their products.

    Hit em where it really hurts, their sales figures.

    1. Samsung is not crying over their lost sale to you. The reality is that there are too few people who care enough to boycott to materially impact Samsung. They will keep doing what they are doing.

  4. Looking at the live blog, Samsung is spewing a bunch of BS but since it is Apple’s burden to prove infringement I fear it is enough in the jury’s eyes to provide reasonable doubt. Yes, it is early but I don’t like it.

    Most people I talk to are of the opinion that Apple makes enough money, competition is good for everyone, and “everyone copies each other” so unless Apple can pull a rabbit of their hat I don’t see them winning.

    Samsung claiming to be “inspired” by Apple’s design and that there is nothing wrong with that. Basically an admission of copying but twisting words to imply that it’s ok…and I fear it’s going to work.

  5. Hopefully Apple has learned its lesson from its court experiences with Judge Posner, and assembled a better legal team. This is by no means a sure thing. The Honorable Judge Koh, and a jury of Silicon Valley peers, may be as good as it gets for Apple. Cross your fingers.

  6. Re Romans never salted the ground at Carthage. It was traced back to a history book written in the early 20th century. There is no evidence before that book and it didnt get written in any other boon until well after that.

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