Apple’s revolutionary iPhone hits 250 million units sold milestone

“Five years into the smartphone revolution begun by Apple in 2007, the Cupertino, Calif., company likely reached a quiet milestone in the past week — selling its 250 millionth iPhone,” Garett Sloane reports for The New York Post.

“That’s a stunning number for a product — not as ubiquitous as hamburgers or as iconic as baseball — but a handheld computer that, at $600 a pop, has generated more than a $150 billion in sales for Apple, helping it become along the way the world’s most valuable company,” Sloane reports. “That’s more revenue than McDonald’s and Major League Baseball have rung up over the same period — combined.”

Sloane reports, “Company statistics show that 244.3 million iPhones were sold through June 30 — and that they were selling last quarter at the rate of two million a week… That’s down from 2.7 million a week in the first three months of the year. Assuming a similar cooling of sales continued into the current quarter, iPhone No. 250,000,000 was likely sold in the last week… The iPhone 5, expected in stores this fall, could see sales of more than 50 million in the fourth quarter.”

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MacDailyNews Note: During his WWDC 2012 presentation on June 11, 2012, Apple Senior VP of iOS Software Scott Forstall announced that Apple had sold a total of 365 million iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV) through March 30, 2012.

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  1. ‘“That’s more revenue than Major League Baseball have rung up over the same period .”

    Plus Apple don’t have to pay their employees a million dollars a year to scratch, spit and pull at their caps.

  2. I remember when the good old Steve Jobs said they were expecting to sell 10 millions iPhones (1% of te current market at that specific date) and every body said that number was way too optimistic.. I wonder we’re is all that people now…

    1. Many of the CEO’s from those companies are long gone and nearly so are all those companies that laughed at Steve, saying it was impossible. Naysayers merely fade into history, and they’re not really worth remembering.

      What’s funny is even today there are those calling for the imminent demise of Apple and the iPhone because Android smartphones are selling in greater numbers. It seems they don’t have the comprehension of unit sales vs profits in their tiny brains. They only understand some incorrect concept of only market share matters. By any other company’s standards, Apple’s earnings miss would have been a very good quarter.

      The counter-argument against Apple will be if you combined all the companies selling Android smartphones, those number of units will dwarf Apple’s iPhone unit numbers by maybe twice as much, therefore Apple is losing the race.

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