Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion Up-to-Date application goes live ahead of launch (updated)

“Alongside other OS X Mountain Lion announcements at its Worldwide Developers Conference last month, Apple announced an Up-to-Date program allowing any customer purchasing a Mac on or after June 11 to receive a free upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion once the operating system is released to the public,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“With OS X Mountain Lion being released only via the Mac App Store, the free upgrade is being delivered a redemption code for the store,” Slivka reports. “While the company has yet to officially announce it and almost certainly will not do so until OS X Mountain Lion itself actually launches, the company’s Up-to-Date online application form is already live.”

Slivka reports, “Users are required to enter their date and location of purchase for the qualifying Mac, fill out personal contact information, and enter the serial numbers of machines eligible for the free upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion. Once all information has been submitted, Apple generates a reference number for the claim and the actual redemption code is delivered via email. ”

Read more in the full article here.

[UPDATE: 4:15pm EDT: After a brief time online, Apple appears to have taken down the form to request a copy of Mountain Lion. It’s likely to return following Mountain Lion’s official release.]


  1. Cool. Bought my wife’s mini on June 14. I understood ML to be good for 5 home machines, so does that mean I can install this free upgrade to the iMac as well?

  2. Sniff…..with our current government here, they are changing Gov’t IT purchasing rules making it harder to buy Macs. Will probably not be getting a free up-to-date copy of Mountain Lion as it may be awhile before I get a new work Mac. Sniff…

    1. I would be interested in more detail, such as which government, what Mac denigration tactics they’re using…

      But the makes perfect sense, considering the horrific world government reputation for having all their Internet exposed Windows computers PWNed by the Chinese and others. Of course government TechTardiness proceeds as usual, allowing the gross continuation of the international hacking warz. It’s called ‘enablement’ behavior.

      TechTardiness is rampant, especially within government systems. 😯

  3. Software Update… And the App Store are consolidated under Mountain Lion. In other words, when you launch SU, the mac brings up the App Store. It may even default to the Updates panel, but all your software comes together under ML.

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