How Apple’s iPad is revolutionizing NFL playbooks for players and coaches

“The drop-off would take place most Wednesdays during the season. Steve Boxer, then the Denver Broncos’ video intern, would snag a laundry bag from the team’s equipment room, fill it with a slew of Betacam SP video tapes and search for his guy,” Jeff Darlington reports for

“This is the way John Elway, nearing the end of a Hall of Fame playing career as Denver’s quarterback, would take advantage of the day’s technological advances. This is the way he’d be able to break down game film in the comfort of his own home,” Darlington reports. “‘He had a machine at his house,’ says Boxer, who has risen through the ranks from intern to director over the past 15 years. ‘John and I still talk about it. I’ll say, ‘Remember those bags of tapes I’d give you?’”

Darlington reports, “If there was ever a year when this pair of longtime Broncos contributors could laugh about an era of old, it’d be this one. This offseason, Elway (now the team’s executive vice president of football operations) delegated Boxer to purchase 130 iPad 3s that in May were distributed to every player on the team. No longer must Boxer – or anyone – seek out a player to deliver game film. It can be remotely uploaded to a player’s iPad while they are in their own living room through a WiFi signal. No longer must the “drop-off” take place on Wednesdays, either. Players will have their edited material uploaded 2 ½ hours after a game. The iPad revolution is upon us.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Revolutionary in every way.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacRadDoc” for the heads up.]

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