1. Here is an example of how the new Family Plan will affect my family. Current plan: iPhone #1 (700 min, 4gb data/tether, unlimited texting for all phones), iPhone #2 (Shared 700, 200 mb data, texting), iPhone #3 (Shared 700, 200 mb data, texting), non-data basic phone (Shared 700 minutes, texting). For all this, I pay $195 before taxes.

    The New AT&T Plan similar to what we have now: $70 for Basic 4gb shared data package with unlimited phone/text. Add three iPhones at $40 each. Add basic phone for $30. Add tethering for $20 for one iPhone. That brings me to $250. Thats $55/ month (25% increase) and I’m getting what? Unlimited phone and shared data? I am sorry, but that is no deal. I’ll just stick where I’m at, thanks.

  2. I’m not sure why people are complaining — you don’t have to switch to this plan if it will make your costs go up. For me, it’s a better deal. I currently have two iPhones with minimal data (200MB each phone), 200 texts per phone, and 1500 minutes of voice. It runs about $115/month, I think. Under the new shared plan, for $125 there’d be 1GB of data for both phones, unlimited voice and texts, *and* we’d be able to tether our wifi iPads for free! For just ten bucks more, I’m sold. I just wish this was already available. I need tethering for an outing this weekend!

    1. This plan is worse for some people (my self included) maybe most people? I think because of this, many are worried this will set a precedent. If we let AT&T get away with this nonsense, they may make it the norm for all group plans.

  3. you can get an iphone on prepaid these days. virgin, straight talk and cricket. more carriers will probably sign up soon as well as official ST support

    prices start at $30 a month inluding unlimited data which is really 2.5GB

    oh wait, on this snobby blog it means you’re cheap if you don’t spend all your money on the most expensive thing

      1. i honestly don’t care about LTE. HSPA+ is fast enough for what i do

        i’m on wifi most of the time like at&t tells me so i don’t see a reason to keep on paying their prices anymore for data i’m not using

  4. These plans are a HUGE mistake by AT&T.

    The additional device add-on fee should be minimal, if anything at all. Here’s why…

    I have like a bazillion things I would consider adding 3G/4G to: iPhones (old ones too), iPads, laptops, car stereos, boat, portable stereos…pretty much anything that uses power and goes outside of my house.

    With no add-on fee, I’d sign up all those devices. Oh noes, that means AT&T has to serve data to all those devices! Yes, but, AT&T charges per GB. So all of those devices push me into the much higher monthly data plan. Plus, I get in the habit of using them…especially for my laptop (instead of hunting for wifi).

    Now, it’s $40 a month just to consider using my laptop, so forget it. Likewise, my iPad will stay with Verizon. My car won’t be connected either.

    You blew it AT&Fee.

  5. Realizing this thread is dead since it’s a whole day old, I doubt many will read/respond to this post:

    I spoke to AT&T rep today. Granted, she didn’t know much about MobileShare, but said the iPad wouldn’t qualify.

    1. Why would that not surprise me. They never charge for something unless people are in danger of using it. That is why I’ll never willingly give up my unlimited plan.

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