1. So wait, so, for example, if I get the 4GB plan for two phones, then we’d pay $110 total for everything, not just $110 for the data?

    I’m just trying to understand how this works. (And I know I may need to talk to AT&T themselves to understand it 😉 )

      1. So my plan which I have Unlimited data, and the wife has 200MB, and we have shared 550 minutes plan with roll over and 200 messages costs me only $117. Why would I change, this doesn’t benefit anyone but AT&T. I was hoping for a price drop with the shared data.

    1. Nice. Now my plan with three phones and minimum data, which we never exceed, goes from $155 a month to $175 with a gain of 400MB of data, which I don’t use. Thanks again ATT.

    2. I have three phones on my plan, all 3 with unlimited data at $30/month. Totaled, that’s $90/month.

      So by the above chart my costs under the share plan would be:
      1 GB = $40 + 3 x $45 = $175/month
      4 GB = $70 + 3 x $40 = $190/month
      6 GB = $90 + 3 x $35 = $205/month
      10 GB = $120 + 3 x $30 = $210/month
      15 GB = $160 + 3 x $30 = $250/month
      20 GB = $200 + 3 x $30 = $290/month

      Please AT&T, explain to me how those plans are in any way, shape, or form reasonable, much less competitive?

      1. Sucker… you’re not calculating the cost of unlimited voice and text. I have 4 iPhones and 2 iPads with ATT. This plan simplifies billing and saves money. But, to recognize the savings, you have to account for total out of pocket for all phones and estimate your data correctly.

        1. With roll over minutes, unlimited voice is pretty meaningless for most people (there are exceptions) and they have no business charging for texts in the first place.

  2. The talking heads at ATT must be smoking some really good stuff… Unlike Verizon where your first device is included ATT is yet again going to hit customers who move to these plans over the head with an additional $30-$45 surcharge ON THEIR FIRST DEVICE! Granted it’s one more GB than currently available, but there’s absolutely no cost benefit to most consumers. ATT can make it look as pretty as they want, this isn’t a great deal to be celebrated, it’s marginal at best.

    1. The truth is that there is no free market in cell phones in the USA- it a collusionary cartel masquerading as a trade association.

      As I customer of both AT&T and Verizon, I started getting push polls as purported “consumer feedback” at almost exactly the same time, they announced no results and announced the plan to implement this about the same time, etc.

      This is what is typical of American ‘capitalism’ where a very small handful have gamed and rigged the system through lobbying and lax regulatory enforcement via bought and paid for politicians that they can do damn near anything they want as long as it is incremental. The story is true in most major industries.

  3. I think some of the people reading this are missing the details. This is actually a pretty good deal when you consider that unlimited texting ($10-20/mo. value), unlimited voice (depends on your voice plan), and tethering ($20/mo. value) are all thrown in. Pretty sure most people will be saving money.

        1. Sorry, meant that as a reply to Steve M. My tab goes from $155 per month to $175 even with the “benefits” he alleges. If you already don’t use something it’s not a benefit to start getting a bigger bill that includes it.

      1. Tethering is included. The $20 – 10 that you mention is to connect directly from the device, i.e. to add an iPad to the shared datacosts $10/month, but if you decided to tether it to your iPhone it would cost nothing extra.

    1. You just listed two things they shouldn’t be charging for anyway, texting and tethering. The fact that they have the nerve to charge for a “service” to use the data I already pay for, and then to charge for something that is practically free for them just irks me to no end.

    2. This new AT&T plan might benefit heavy voice and text users. But the majority will probably lose under the new plan. The only nice feature that I see is the ability to tack on an iPad for $10 per month or a laptop for $20 per month.

      I have four kids – if I wanted everyone to have smartphones then the minimum cost for me would be around $300 per month with a realistic amount of data (10GB). Besides, with six smartphones you go from 6GB to 10GB for “free” because the reduction in the per-phone cost covers the data cost. If I add a couple of iPads into the picture, there is another $20 per month. And I would just have to hope that we did not bust the data limit, or I would be paying another $15 per GB.

      Let’s say that only my wife and I got iPhones with 4GB of data, and the kids got dumbphones. That is $70 + $80 + 4x$30, or $270 per month ($3240 annually). Not much of a reduction…

      I am *not* spending between $3000 and $4000 per year on cell phones, smart or not. I can afford it, but I am not willing to pay it. I call that fiscal conservatism or frugality. My kids might have another name for it, but they can get a job if they want an iPhone.

  4. Like a Verizon a stealth price increase. Instead of charging per GB for all the devices on the plan, they insist on adding a fee per device which is the same as buying separate plans but with no unlimited data and a $5 bump in data overages per GB.

    Perhaps it works for families? Because it looks to me like the individual is getting screwed.

  5. I’m not sure if this is a good deal for us. We have 4 iPhones on our current 1400 min/month plan: all with grandfathered unlimited data. Plus we have a feature phone which makes up the 5 line limit. Then I have an iPhone on a GoPhone account (which has no data) and 2 tablets with the $30/month rate.

  6. This is nothing more than a way to hide a price increase- a rather greedy (even by Cell Phone Cabal standards) move. Among other things note the 50% increase in charges for data overage.

    I figured this was coming when AT&T started sending push polls to users. Greed, thy name is AT&T.

    1. This is quite simple, AT&T thinks they have your scrotum firmly in hand and is ready to squeeze. Note how Verizon has taken essentially the same action at roughly the same time.

      They think that you are so addicted to your phone on their network that they are going to milk your wallet harder. Since there are few serious options for cell users, they will continue to deliver less for an ever increasing price.

  7. Currently have “family plan” for 5 iPhones with unlimited data & texting for about $260/month. Sounds like a price increase with even a minimal data plan. $270/month for 10GB plan and 5 smartphones, then $15/GB if you go over your data amount? Don’t think I’m changing.

    1. My current AT&T hotspot is less than $50 for 5GB with $10/GB overage. I get a small discount due to my employer’s business discount, but that’s a far better deal.

  8. This summer our family drove quite a bit through California, HW 101, I40 to the Grand Canyon, HW 58, HW 99, etc. During a significant portion of the trip, data was very spotty, majority of the time Edge, 3G/4G only near highly populated areas. In Arizona, I don’t ever remember seeing anything better than Edge and much of the time was no signal.

    My current costs for phones, for six members of my family is $160 (2 iPhones, 2 TrakFones, and 2 simple phones.) I would like my sons to have iPhones, in addition to my wife and I. Under current plans, the total cost would be $260, for phones, shared minutes, each iPhone to have 200 texts, and unlimited data. (I don’t do it, because it’s $100/mo more!)

    Under the new plan, although we would have unlimited minutes, texts, tethering, and based on 4 smart phones 6GB/mo shared, the total cost jumps to $290, or $130/mo more, than what we spend as a family. If we put the inlaws off the ATT simple phones, and on to the TrakFones, that would cut the total bill from $290 down to $245.

    There is virtually no savings to go from our current plan to TrackFones for them now.

    Simply I am looking to save money, not spend more. So, although there are more features, there’s more out of pocket expenses.

    This plan is only attractive for those who want it all. Nothing frugal here.

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