Purported iPhone 5 faceplate has centered FaceTime camera (with photo)

“With Apple’s next iPhone believed to be in production ahead of a fall launch, a picture claiming to show the device’s front panel shows a centered FaceTime camera located above the earpiece,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“The image was published on Monday by Taiwanese website Apple.pro,” Oliver reports. “While it’s hard to tell the length of the display without a side-by-side shot, the accompanying report says the panel has a width identical to the current iPhone while the screen is slightly taller.”

Oliver reports, “Aside from the taller screen and a slight move for the FaceTime camera, the front panel purported to be from a pre-release white iPhone looks largely unchanged from the current design, with space for a circular home button below the display and a proximity sensor to the left of the earpiece.”

Purported next-gen iPhone front panel has centered FaceTime camera
Purported next-gen iPhone front panel has centered FaceTime camera

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  1. No it doesn’t look the same — the display area definitely is longer and the space just above and below the physical “Home”‘button has been reduced.

  2. It appears that I was wrong. I thought that Apple would maintain the existing 3:2 ratio when expanding the iPhone display. But Apple liked the width and just stretched the height. I owe someone an apology – you were right! This form factor change would take the iPhone display closer to the HD 16:9 (~1.78) ratio, which makes sense for landscape video.

    What this means for existing iPhone apps is unclear. The general opinion is that old iPhone apps would run with black bars on top and/or bottom while new apps could utilize the extra pixels for various functions.

  3. I need to be able to operate the phone with 1 hand. If that is not possible i’ll get me a cheaper 4s as that will drop in price at the intro of the new phone.

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