Is Consumer Reports having its revenge against Apple?

“No, that’s going way too far, but Consumer Reports still deserves more well-deserved criticism,” Gene Steinberg writes for Tech Night Owl. “CR just can’t get tech gear right. More to the point, their undefined test methods result in skewing the ratings against Apple in curious ways, without an iota of apparent support with facts and figures. Worse, ratings are buried under generic labels, with no indication how the conclusions were reached.”

“So in the August 2012 issue, for example, the iPhone 4S gets, at best, middling ratings, a 67, compared to the other smartphone offerings from the major wireless carriers in the U.S.,” Steinberg writes. “Now such ratings would be deserved if all the other products examined were demonstrably superior, but there are serious questions about CR’s test standards and results.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Consumer Reports blasts Apple because they need free publicity to get a continuing stream of oblivious subscribers or the POS would mercifully cease to exist.

If you’ve unfortunately endured a brain injury and are therefore still subscribing to Consumer Reports, please cancel your subscription. Consumer Reports is garbage. Unscientific tripe. Anachronistic fish wrap. You couldn’t waste your money any more thoroughly.

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  1. Hang on folks… the Press can make or break you and several companies have felt the wrath of a Press that take a dislke to you. They can create fiction and get a lot of mileage with it about any company and that includes Apple as no matter how much you love Apple, Apple is still doing most of it’s manufacturing in Communist China and yes they do try to circumvent paying US taxes hence Apple is an easy target if the Press do decide to take Apple down a few notches. Ask Toyota how a very minor issue was churned into the mot horrific recall in automotive history.

    1. wow.
      Apple “circumvent paying US taxes”

      1. so what, is US gov or its tax system superior or invented by God, that it’s blasphemous not to?

      2. tax loopholes make it possible, it’s legal, so don’t blame

      3. funny how everyone attacks Apple for circumventing, when a. EVERY bloody competitor does it too incl. using child labor factories abroad and b. when it’s legal anyway

      the point is mute

    2. Dear Anonymous Coward Pat:

      This is an ignorant statement:

      Ask Toyota how a very minor issue was churned into the mot horrific recall in automotive history

      Much of what else you stated is of interest, but i have to point out that Apple has NEVER been the tech press’ darling. Apple became the #1 company on the planet IN SPITE OF endless puking and gagging from the TechTard press. Apple is insistently DIFFERENT in a good way, no matter how much the TechPress insists upon mediocrity. It’s the CUSTOMERS who drive the machinery. Even the most die-hard of propagandists know this to be the case, much as they hate to admit it. [Get the hint, Bimbaugh?]

  2. Many, many years ago, CR reviewed a Vespa motor scooter. It was clear they couldn’t handle that technology review either. They presented as fact blatant errors and falsehoods. I doubted at the time anyone had ridden one off their parking lot. I never forgot that (obviously).

    I had a Vespa at the time and rode it from Los Angles to Rhode Island and, two years later, rode the same machine from Los Angeles to Virginia on I-40 most of the way. I knew something about Vespas. CR knew almost nothing. (Well, I think they spelled it right.)

    It’s not simply that they don’t like Apple. They’re just blatantly incompetent. Still.

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