Apple on pace to overtake Windows in platform war within two years

“Apple now sells one device for every two Windows devices, revealing that Microsoft’s huge advantage in the platform wars has rapidly decreased since the early 2000s, when the ratio was 56 Windows devices to every one Apple device,” Ashleigh Allsopp reports for Macworld UK.

Asymco has published a report that shows that, when taking into consideration all of the devices Apple sells, the ratio of the multiple of Windows units to Apple units has dropped to below two,” Allsopp reports. “The growth of the Mac is also apparent in the new report, which reveals that even when only taking OS X devices into consideration, Windows sells 19 units for every unit Apple sells, a much better result than the 56:1 ratio recorded in 2004.”

Allsopp reports, “‘Considering the near future, it’s safe to expect a ‘parity’ of iOS+OS X vs. Windows within one or two years,’ Dediu concludes.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. You go to war with the Windows you have, and not the Windows you wish you had.

      That’s alright ’cause it’s not like the enemy can afford Macintosh anyway, and using OS X to win a war is probably against the Geneva Convention, in that it’s superiority can inflict unconventional damage. 😉

  1. I prefer to look at the most important number of all: earnings. At the end of the day, cash is king. The rest is mere bragging about how big mine is versus yours.

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