Google confirms Chrome browser is to blame for MacBook Air crashes

“A member of the Apple Support forums posted yesterday that an employee of the company had told him that ‘the specific combination’ of Google’s Chrome browser, its built-in version of Flash and the Intel HD 4000 chip found in the latest MacBook Airs was causing a problem that Apple was working to fix, with some owners reporting frequent crashes and even kernel panics as a result of the issue,” MacNN reports.

“Later Thursday, Google issued a statement admitting responsibility for the problem, blaming the issue on a ‘graphics resource leak’ in the Chrome brower, and would issue an automatic update temporarily disabling some GPU acceleration features in Chrome,” MacNN reports. “Google said its engineers would ‘find and fix’ the cause, but that the problem was also being reported to Apple since ‘it should not be possible for an application to trigger such behavior.'”

More info and links in the full article here.


  1. Safari’s excellent, but eats up ram the way Firefox does. Was less of an issue before Lion. Not impressed with Safari cookie management, either.

    Camino is my favorite browser, small and fast.

    Rarely use Chrome.

    1. Major *DING* factor. But theoretically Firefox has addressed and solved its worst RAM devouring problems with the last two revisions. I wish Safari would do the same!

      I wrote up an article covering cookie management earlier this week:

      I bought the Cookie app and like it. The article covers some tips for setting up the app. There is also a free but hobbled Safari extension version called ‘Safari Cookies’.

      I’ve been trying Chromium but have zero interest in Chrome. I also own and like iCab, alive and well on Mac and iOS.

  2. it should not be possible for an application to trigger such behavior.

    I’m afraid so! IOW, no matter what crapcode Google barfed into Chrome, Apple has its own bug to plug. I suspect this is specific to Mac OS X’s handling of GPU memory. I’d rather this was plugged sooner than later.

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