Does Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion fulfill the promise of OS X Lion?

“Although over 40% of Mac users have already migrated to Lion, that OS hasn’t exactly gotten the love,” Gene Steinberg writes for Tech Night Owl. “A fair number of people won’t upgrade simply because they need to run PowerPC software, and Apple removed the Rosetta translation capability from 10.7. This makes Lion a non-starter to them, and it’s clear Apple has no intention of restoring Rosetta in 10.8 Mountain Lion.”

“I also get the impression that some of you are put off by the iOS-inspired elements of Lion, particularly Launchpad, the app launch system that, of course, you never have to launch,” Steinberg writes. “A couple of interface elements, such as scrollbars that require a mouseover to appear, and reversing the direction of scrolling, are readily disabled in System Preferences. I do suppose there’s some reason to be concerned about Lion’s Auto Save system, since the cherished Save As feature was removed. But it’s restored under Mountain Lion with a new keystroke (Command-Option-Shift-S). The real issue of Auto Save is that few apps really support the feature, other than Apple’s. Eleven months after the debut of Lion, neither Microsoft nor Adobe seem to have come aboard, although a number of simpler third-party apps have gotten with the program.”

“My impression of Lion is that it was somewhat unfinished, as if Apple ran out of time to add and perfect new features, so they simply set them aside for Mountain Lion,” Steinberg writes. “The buzz from the developer community and others who have worked with the prerelease versions is extremely positive. For the most part, Mountain Lion appears to be a credible and compelling upgrade. It’s good to see the enhanced security and direct support for social networking. For any Lion user that has a compatible Mac, I don’t see any significant downsides. And, assuming the final release is stable and snappy, the $19.99 purchase price would seem to make it an upgrade that vindicates the promise of Lion and makes OS X a lot more useful.

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  1. The reason I haven’t moved from Snow Leopard to Lion is that my wife purchased my 27″ iMac in Nov 2011 as a surprise Christmas gift, and it came with Snow Leopard installed with a “free upgrade” to Lion. The problem is the “free upgrade” to Lion had to be obtained within 30 days of purchase, which had already passed by the time I got the iMac at Christmas. Apple support was very strict on this 30 day limit and would not, even after explaining the situation and escalating, give me the upgrade to Lion. So, I’m waiting. I know the upgrade isn’t a lot, but might as well wait for a better version if I have to pay.

      1. Paying 300 for somethings can be easier than paying 30 for something that you feel you’re entitled to for free….

        Makes no sense from a logical point of view, but I we were all lead by logic……

    1. I agree! Snow Leopard was the pinnacle of the Mac OS. In my home, all but 1 computer is still running Snow Leopard. None of us have found a compelling reason to leave the stability of SL for the eye-candy found in Lion. Like others, we’ll be forced to upgrade at some point down the road. Until then, we easily have 5 or 6 good years left with SL should AAPL keep their head up their rumpus.

  2. 10.7 seemed to be designed to make Windows and iOs users more comfortable.
    Launchpad is useless.
    I clearly would have Expose and Spaces rather than Mission Control any day.
    The excessive skeumorphism on some native apps is ridiculous and at odds with Apples’ minimalist simplicity philosophy.
    If asked what do I like better than 10.6? Hmmm. The supposed increased internal security measures. I like the icloud support.
    Umm that is it.
    That said, it does sound like 10.8 will have some solid improvements. But why make “save as” a three key keyboard command?

  3. Oh, and concealing the user’s library while still allowing access to the systems library??? What??? Years ago I ignorantly got in trouble messing with the system’s library . .that is when I learned how to restore the os from the DVD.

  4. Lion is worthless, possibly the worst OS upgrade in the OS X series. Snow Leopard was very refined and almost perfecter. Lion introduced behaviors for no other reason but “That’s the way we want you to do it”. Yes, features can be disabled, but Apple made is exceedingly difficult for all but power users to define these parameters (disappearing backwards scrollbars indeed). But the biggest problem I have with Lion is its amazing resource hog tendencies. The Finder is full of memory leaks. Virtual Memory page outs are constant (this on machines with over 12gb mem installed. Safari has regressed and is now possibly the worst browsing experience on the Mac. Sanboxed Apps the way Apple implemented them makes me fearful of ever buying anything through the App Store Autosave sucks, preventing us from creating our own version system for documents.

    The only saving grace is not running Windows as a full time operating system.

  5. In my experience, there were TWO pieces of PowerPC software that I had that ‘died’ when I moved to OS X Lipn. Those were Microsoft Office 2004 and Quicken. A quick search of the web found a Used copy of Microsoft Office 2011 for $12.00 Shipping.
    That still left me in a bind over Quicken. I ended up buying Quicken Essentials – which I HATED. Enough other users must have done the same, and hated it because soon after there was an update to Quicken that allowed it to run in Lion.

    Lion is a great OS (to me, NO issues) but for those of you with Intel Macs, get Mountain Lipn around 19 July for $19.99… I have it on good authority that IT ROCKS!

  6. I dual boot with Snow Leopard- greatest OS X release ever and the eternal Beta edition of Lion-Vista. I’ll hold my nose and give Mountain Vista a try, but it will be overwriting Lion-Vista and not Snow Leopard. If it sucks badly enough, I will revert to Snow Leopard and ditch Lion Vista and Mountain Vista.

  7. Command option shift S to save? WTF? Has Microsoft gained control of OS X??

    Seriously, Snow Leopard is so fscking better than all this crap, you have to be a moron to “upgrade”.

    1. You must be a moron to call so many other people morons. I bought an MBA that came with Lion. After testing it out, I decided to upgrade my 2007 iMac to Lion. No problems then or since. Just because you made a choice does not make it right for everyone.

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