Acer founder: Microsoft will quit making tablets soon

“Microsoft’s foray into full hardware production with its Surface tablet, unveiled Monday, is only temporary, says Acer founder Stan Shih,” Fox News reports.

“Widely observed to have taken a page from Apple’s playbook, Microsoft may actually be channeling Google, indicates Shih, who believes the Windows maker ‘has no real intention to sell own-brand tablet PCs,’ according to a report in Taiwan-based Digitimes,” Fox News reports. “‘Microsoft hopes that marketing its own-brand tablet PCs will encourage vendors to offer Windows 8 tablet PCs and thereby help expand market demand for the product line,’ [Shih said] according to the report uncovered by CNET. ‘Once the purpose is realized, Microsoft will not offer more models.'”

Fox News reports, “Of course, this is just one vendor attempting to analyze Microsoft’s strategy with limited information. In fact, Microsoft more or less kept its partners in the dark, with some discovering the breaking news along with everyone else at Monday’s event. ‘No senior executives heard about the news last week,’ an Acer executive told Reuters. ‘We’re quite surprised.'””

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: How can they quit when they haven’t even started selling tablets yet? At this point, Surface tablets equal vaporware, Microsoft’s #1 all-time product.


  1. How about also reporting stories from sources other than Fox News, MDN.
    Not that it really matters for this kind of story to look at things through tinted glasses.

    1. Following up, vanfruniken: We all know that ANY news from the New York Times, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, the Washington Post, et al., is little more than anti-capitalist propaganda, MDN . . . so be careful there too!

      1. And I guess, all of those other news outlets around the planet, totally accessible by the internet are “anti-capitalist” propaganda outlets as well. All hail Fox News, the one and only source of the truth on the planet!

  2. WINDOWS 8 IS COMING. All mac’s going back to there places where they belong under the desk, the bottom of the tech department storage closet, or a very lonely corner collecting dust. Cheer up mac fans your desktops going to look lovely. Again.

      1. Yea windows Vista. I bet it sold more than all MAC system Version in the last decade. not bad for a disaster Aaahh.
        keep saying troll all day fool ur a marginalized TART. your mommy fart and you came out.

        1. Cute little troll. Windows Vista “sold” because it was the default on many PCs sold at retail. No way boxed copies of Windows Vista outsold “MAC” as you so adorably like to call the clearly superior operating system and computer.

          Nice try, but fail. Now back under your bridge.

  3. ‘Once the purpose is realized, Microsoft will not offer more models.’

    Yes, that business model has worked out so well for Microsoft.

    Look at the market share garned by the Zune and KIN.

  4. I read a survey this morning that stated, “Out of 1500 people surveyed, 55% had iPads, 35% owned Android tablets and 12% had Playbooks.” They actually found 180 people that possesed Crapberry Playbooks?!?! Insane…

    1. That’s pure insanity. There’s actually a survey out there where the ratio of Android to iPad was 35:55? (7:11)

      Would anyone honestly believe such a survey?

  5. Will consumers buy a Microsoft product being marketed as a kick starter for Windows 8 tablets knowing it has no future as a branded device? Doubtful. That whole scenario is depressing deadend marketing. Either crap or get off the pot. All Microsoft seems to do is cause user misery.

  6. From Microsoft’s perspective this is an upgrade to their Courier Tablet they introduced at a similar event. It is also an upgrade to their BAT. I believe it will be as successful as both previous versions and maybe even as popular as the Zune.


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