AP reviews Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display: An epiphany, makes all other screens look dull and fuzzy

“When I was 13, I was sent to the optician for the first time, and came home with glasses. Suddenly, the world w as sharp all around me. I was surprised by the crisp lines of the tree branches against the sky. It was news to me that I was near-sighted, because I had been used to seeing the world in a blur,” Peter Svensson reports for The Associated Press. “Apple Inc. sells a similar epiphany, starting this week, in the shape of a notebook computer. One of its new MacBook Pro models has a “Retina” display, a screen that packs four times as many pixels as a standard display.”

“Why is this a big deal? It’s not easy to describe in print, but a look at the screen tells the whole story. It’s like putting on glasses and realizing you’re nearsighted. Much like the screen on the latest iPad, the new display makes all other screens look dull and fuzzy,” Svensson reports. “With a resolution of 2,880 by 1,800 pixels, the Retina screen can show every pixel in a five-megapixel shot, all at once. It has more pixels than a high-definition TV set—2.5 times as many.”

“I suspect the Retina screen is coming first to a relatively big MacBook because its chassis provided Apple with the space to expand the battery. In a MacBook Air, there’s no space for a bigger battery, so a Retina screen would have meant shorter battery life. That would have been a tough sell,” Svensson reports. “I hope Apple or another manufacturer figures out a way around the battery issue, because I want to see this type of display in every device.”

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  1. “I hope Apple or another manufacturer figures out a way around the battery issue, because I want to see this type of display in every device.”

    Another manufacturer! LOL!

  2. The most interesting thing about this Retina Display is that you can use a “higher” resolution than the optimal Retina double resolution (effectively 1440×900), scaling UP to 1680×1050 and 1920×1200. Previously (on “normal” displays), it was possible to scale the resolution DOWN from the optimal native resolution, if you wanted things on the screen to appear larger.

    NOW, you can scale it UP if you want to make things appear smaller (and therefore have more screen real estate). The amazing part is, because the pixels are now too small to be seen individually, the scaled resolution looks BETTER on the Retina Display compared to a display that is natively 1680×1050 or 1920×1200.

    I want to try this at an Apple Store, to see how this scaling works in person.

    1. Ya, I tried this out yesterday. It’s weird, but good…very good. It’s very confusing though because Apple has simplified/dumbed down, the Preference panel for the display making it actually more difficult to understand what’s going on.

      It’s an absolutely gorgeous display…not just in resolution, but in other qualities as well, especially in terms of reducing glare.

      Unfortunately, I’m going to pass this go around because I need more storage, and the reduced size/weight means nothing to me. The increase power consumption is also a very big deal to me (the larger battery gives the same life, but overall power consumption is way up, which affects my use while on my boat or other traveling).

      However, this is an amazing machine for anyone who’s needs it meets, and the future of what’s coming to all of us soon.

  3. I believe Apple has a solution to the battery issue- IGZO. The MacBook Pro with IGZO should be good up to 10 hours. Guessing here, but I would think Apple to introduce the IGZO Air’s first since the panels would be easier to make in mass and little room to expand the battery. Of course, minus an new battery chemistry.

  4. Since camera vendors count every subpixel (red, green, blue) separately, the retina display can actually display every pixel of a 15 megapixel camera (2880*1800*3 subpixels).

  5. ANYTHING that kicks battery technology forward is great with me. There have been some nice improvements in Lithium battery tech and Apple has been key. But battery efficiency still remains remarkably primitive IMHO. Forward HO!

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    Take your Asian fetish and the long drawn-out rehashing of it to the proper site. This is supposed to be Apple-related.

    I’m no longer going to even read the comments, talk about a waste of time.

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