Apple gives podcasts a gentle push out of iTunes

“Podcasts were supposed to be a big deal several years ago, but that boom never happened. Now there’s at least anecdotal evidence that the format is actually picking up steam, as creators, listeners and advertisers warm to the format,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD.

“So why have podcasts disappeared from the new version of iTunes that Apple started showing to developers this week?” Kafka reports. “Because Apple plans on giving the recordings their own bit of digital turf.”

Kafka reports, “People familiar with Apple’s plans tell me that when its new iOS 6 software becomes widely available this fall, podcasts will have their own app, where users will be able to discover, download and play them on mobile devices. Users who access iTunes via laptop and desktop machines will still find them in that version of iTunes, though.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. I actively use iTunes to subscribe to a number of podcasts, which I then usually sync to my iPad. Apple has clearly been moving to “deprecate” the Radio function in iTunes, and the Podcast function in the iOS 5 where it became an obscure afterthought in the new “Music” app. So basically what they’re saying is that any “free” service they’ve been providing in recent years to hook you on their hardware is probably not long for this world.

    Probably means that anything you don’t actively pay for in the current iTunes may be gone before too long. Sort of like minor, insignificant things like optical drives, Ethernet ports, FireWire ports, and mini DisplayPorts in the new MacBooks. Bye bye!

  2. I was frustrated with getting podcasts in on my iPad 3. A bit of research brought me the
    Downcast app. It’s brilliant. I bet Apple hired the downcast progammer to do I for him. . It even syncs with iCloud.
    No need to wait for IOS 6

    1. They’ll still be available in iTunes on the Mac OS platform (desktop, laptop) which is where you’d be doing your uploading — this is talking about changes on iOS6 when it comes out.

  3. I think Apple is finally going to spin off all of it’s separate iTunes content into separate apps. I have said many times that renting a movie or buying an app from a store named iTunes just doesn’t make sense.

  4. Why is iTunes bloated? Answer: To invades the Windows plataform and sell iPods, iPhones, Music, Movies… Now in a post PC world… there’s no room for Windows… and all will become iOS apps.

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