Apple TV will change the content we consume on all our screens forever

“Here is what we think we know about what Apple will announce at WWDC on Monday about Apple TV,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes. “It will be releasing an SDK to allow developers to create apps for a new Apple TV App Store which will be part of iOS 6. The existing Apple TV device and an improved version of AirPlay will enable iOS devices to control the TV screen through mirroring and dual screen apps. iOS 6 will be deeply integrated with iCloud, which will bring email, contacts, calendars, documents, music, movies and photos all to the TV screen in a way that is fluid and synchronized with all of your other screens.”

“To reinforce what Jeremy Allaire of Brightcove said last week, when and if Apple goes into the actual TV set making business is not the critical factor. How Apple enfolds the TV screen, the biggest screen in our lives, into an iOS app ecosystem is,” Kosner writes. “And that is just what they will be announcing tomorrow at WWDC… As Ben Parr writes in CNet, this new ecosystem will give Apple even more of a hardware advantage against its competitors. ‘The big vision is to make all of the screens in your home interoperable via AirPlay and iOS. Once that happens, it’ll be impossible to buy anything but Apple devices, because they will be the only products that work with the rest of screens in your home. Why buy a TV that can’t pull up your favorite apps, shows, and games instantly?'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Game. Set. Match.


  1. Oddly, he doesn’t mention siRi integration. That is game set match right there. Especially with the advent of a Siri SDK.

    It makes sense apple would make the TV a dumb terminal.

  2. The disappointing part of this article is that the predictions are far from Jules Verne and more like Web Tv. Remember the compaunion the first dot com boom that envisioned mail, web browsing and calendars on your tv. It made little sense then and makes even less sense now that the iPad is a perfect lean back browsing and email productivity device. Why would I want to view this content on my TV when I would rather be watching video. iOS 6 is tempting especially if the apple tv gets an SDK for developers. But the TV is a different device and will be treated appropriately by the Apple team who understands better than most how people look for and consume content.

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