10 most-wanted Apple TV apps with iOS 6

“It looks like Apple might finally release an SDK for the Apple TV so that developers can create Apple TV apps,” Kevin Purcell writes for GottaBe Mobile.

Here are the ten apps or category of Apple TV Apps I want:

1. Hulu Plus
2. HBO Go
3. Modern Combat 3 or other Shooter Games
4. Apps using the USB port to access video, music or picture files
5. Minecraft or other casual games
6. Spotify
7. Pandora
8. Worship/Presentation apps
9. Chrome or another Web Browser
10. Siri

Full article, with a video of some apps running on a hacked Apple TV, here.


  1. Someone alert CrissyOne to come out of hiding. An article mentions God/worship… (Needing a photoshop comment being the other reason to send up the cat signal.)

  2. 3. Modern Combat 3 or other Shooter Games.

    The USA can not ‘play’ its way out of recession.

    Shirt sleeves need to be rolled up and real work done.

  3. I’d like to see network TV live streaming apps and their local affiliates. Broadcast TV over the air is free but I don’t have an antenna so why shouldn’t we be able to get those streams via the Internet?

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