Apple offers WWDC ‘Lunchtime Sessions’ with J.J. Abrams, LeVar Burton, and William Joyce

Apple has announced the following “Lunchtime Sessions” at WWDC 2012:

LeVar Burton: Technology and Storytelling: Making a Difference in the Digital Age

Join LeVar Burton as he shares the powerful impact that his mentors, technology, storytelling and science fiction have had on his life and how each has helped to shape his incredible life’s work. Be there as LeVar concludes the session with a personal demonstration of how he employs today’s latest technologies in his efforts to educate and enlighten — a world premier peek at his latest project, the Reading Rainbow App.

Wednesday at 12:45 – 1:45 PM in Presidio

William Joyce: Movies. Books. Apps. And Whatever Comes Next.

Hear from William Joyce, Creative Director and Partner at Moonbot Studios, on how the Academy Award‑winning studio is changing the content world as fast as it can.

Thursday at 12:45 – 1:45 PM in Presidio

J.J. Abrams: The Physics of Inspiration

Where do ideas come from, and where do they lead? What is technology’s evolving role in storytelling? Filmmaker J.J. Abrams discusses his passion for blending analog with more modern tools in moviemaking and how he wrestles with what he sees as both the freedoms and challenges presented by today’s prosumer gadgetry. J.J. will also share his views on the importance of improvisation and experimentation in inspiring creative visual techniques and new forms of narrative.

Friday at 12:45 – 1:45 PM in Presidio

More info about events at WWDC 2012 here.


    1. The writing of TNG had some issues that had been worked out as the series progressed, but TNG was more character story driven then the original Series, and yes I’m old enough to say I watched with great pleasure the original series in the mid-late 60s- no reruns until later , “Watched it Live and in color on NBC.”


  1. Given past form, I expect Geordie to look around at WWDC, spout a couple of minutes of technobabble, then claim credit for inventing the iPhone.

    Never liked his character much, or much of the later Star Treks TBH. Much preferred all the running around polystyrene rocks, primary colours, and every alien woman alive falling in love with Kirk from the old series. That was fun and camp, yet could also be thought provoking when it wanted to. The other series come across as a bit preachy in comparison.

  2. I have seen LeVar Burton give a presentation in person once at the local college I went to several years ago. It focused a lot on black history as it took place in February. He is quite an excellent speaker and very interesting to listen to. Of course, he got a lot of questions about himself and his profession after the presentation. Most of the audience recognized him from either “Roots” or Reading Rainbow when they were kids (myself included). Only about 25% famously remembered him from Star Trek: TNG.

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