Purported video of Apple’s next-gen iPhone back cover/middle plate posted online (with video)

“Outer frame/Middle Plate of an alleged iPhone 5 model has been leaked which is entirely different from the iPhone 4S signature metal frame,” Mike reports for CydiaBlog.

“The parts, however, have striking resemblance with the schematic photo and the back plate leaked last week,” Mike reports. “The new parts show a different arrangement; if you compare the iPhone 5 metal chassis with other its predecessor.”

Mike reports, “eTradeSupply got their hands-on with the iPhone 5 back plate…”

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


      1. I beg to differ for one reason.

        Durring the farmers market last Saturday, Mid Town Manhattan, I saw iPhone 4 cases, metal, with Apple logo, iPhone branding, identical to current iPhone printing on the back, being sold for $10. All different colors. It’s easy to make, and cheap.

        On the other hand, this sample piece could be anything. Even Apple could contract to produce enough fake parts and let them leak, in order to confuse what’s actually going on.

  1. Headphones on the bottom. I was playing a game yesterday with my headhones in, and I was actually thinking that when holding it in a landscape orientation it would actually be nicer to have them on the long side so they don’t interfere with your grip.

    1. Unfortunately that would be make it awkward for carrying an iPhone in your pocket with the headphones in. Maybe one with the 90° jack would work in that or your situation.

      1. By carrying the iPhone upside-down, in your pocket you have a better chance of hearing it ring as the speakers are facing up and are not being muffled by the material of your clothes.

        At least for me when waring jeans it makes a difference.

      2. It’s not enough of a problem to be bothered about ultimately. It just struck me that more and more I use my iPhone in landscape and headphones do inhibit that use somewhat.

      3. the ipod touch has headphones on bottom. if you’ve used an ipod touch at all and carried it in your pocket, you’ll learn real fast how much better it is to have the headphones on the bottom

    2. Apple will provide us two MODELS.

      1) iPhone HD – which is also a cheaper lower end phone
      2) iPhone new – which is a high end slick holographic keyboard projection phone.

      Thats is why they need to ‘double down on secrecy’ as Tim Cook mentioned. Twice the products to protect.

  2. This looks absolutely legit. It would cost way too much money to fake that video and it jives with the other rumors. With the amount of stuff leaking out about the iPhone 5, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple is already in its production ramp and it will be announced on Monday.

    Design looks sweet though.

  3. Gee…..looks to me to be a huge publicity grab for this Etrade outfit. If this were a real Apple part, Apple lawyers would come down on these guys so hard they wouldn’t know what hit them. So the Etrade logo is always predominantly in the background and then when they fire up the iphone…voila!…guess whose company logo is on the homescreen.

    This company makes parts…what better way to showcase their capabilities and actually get hits to their webpage than by claiming this part?


  4. To me this looks 100% real, too much detail in the making of a bogus part. Also, it looks a ton like a Liquid Metal material case. Stands to reason too. Additionally, makes sense that the port size is included too, no, this is real.

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