“On the eve of WWDC 2012, speculation swirls around Apple’s positioning as a television manufacturer, and how Apple TV might play into a greater television hardware strategy,” Christina Bonnington reports for Wired. “Indeed, an Apple TV reboot could be a game changer. And it would also be the WWDC highlight for users of the set-top puck, for app developers, and even for the TV entertainment industry at large.”

“The streaming TV companion still offers vast untapped potential. And with the attendance of thousands of devoted developers, WWDC is the perfect venue to announce a new Apple TV platform that exposes API support.,” Bonnington reports. “And we can’t forget how Tim Cook recently said the TV space is ‘an area of intense interest’ for Apple.”

Bonnington reports, “Apple just needs to address a few key areas before Apple TV becomes a really big deal… Apple could open up the Apple TV platform to third-party app developers: It could allow devs to create dedicated TV apps, or it could more heavily leverage (and open up) the AirPlay feature already baked into Apple TV to port existing iPad apps to the big screen.”

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