iSwifter’s new app brings all Adobe Flash-based Facebook games to Apple iPad

“Most games on Facebook are built using Adobe Flash and therefore don’t work on the iPad,” Tricia Duryee reports for AllThingsD.

“While Facebook is slowly working out the kinks to bring more games to mobile, there’s a small company in Menlo Park, Calif., that has beat them to it,” Duryee reports. “iSwifter is announcing a new iPad app today called theWorx for Facebook, which gives users the full Facebook experience — social games and all.”

Duryee reports, “iSwifter will host the content on its servers and then stream the games to the user on the iPad with little latency. By taking this approach, users will have access to all games on Facebook without developers having to lift a finger… TheWorx will be free for a short trial period, and then users will pay for additional access. The app will come out later this month or in early June. At that time, iSwifter’s co-founder Rohan Relan said, they will figure out how much they will charge. The iSwifter app currently costs $5.”

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  1. Facebook is for the old folks who used to use a computer just to play solitaire. It has reached its peak and FLASH based games are a dinosaur that uses way too much power and are likely a large contributor to ‘global warming’.

    Why doesn’t Green Peace get on Adobe’s case for FLASH being so power hungry and adding to ‘global warming’ ?

    1. I’m not entirely sold on man-made global warming, but I agree that the extra power drain from any use of flash has to be bad for power grids and electricity usage and computer lifespans and overall bad for the environment.

      I hate Greenpeace and I wish there was a credible front line environmental group not lead by criminal scam artists and crooks.

    1. I agree. Flash needs to die, tools that use flash need to die, anything that prolongs or extends the usefulness of flash or allow flash development to be “easily converted” to another format need to die.

      Anyone that evangelized flash need to die as well.

    2. Yeah, if Google can create a simple app (wherever it is now) that converts Flash to HTML5 animation – Why has no one else down the same or better.

      Emulated or on the fly conversion… lets see HTML5 gaming and interactivity apps come into serious play here.

      Also Adobe had LiveMotion. It was a nice simple Java based application. Adobe could have continued making it and strictly as a Mac app for Flash like interactivity yet for iDevices. The interface was smooth and easy to get going. To do heavy animated character animations Flash was far better. But imagine LiveMotion as i basic HTML5 app. We have Hype, Purple and MotionComposer. I use them all. But LiveMotion was far easier.

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