Apple files motion to dismiss Siri lawsuits

“Apple has filed to dismiss a range of lawsuits filed against it over the performance of Siri, the digital assistant featured on the iPhone 4S,” Electronista reports.

“Apple contends in its motion that the plaintiffs in the case lack standing to pursue their case, have improperly interpreted Apple’s advertising of Siri, and have failed to pursue other means of redress beyond litigation,” Electronista reports. “Apple claims that, while Siri may not be flawless, it still represents cutting edge technology. Further, the company claims that the plaintiffs have not taken advantage of the 30-day return policy for Apple products.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Crap like this make us wish the U.S. had penalties that strongly discouraged the filing of frivolous lawsuits.

BTW: Zooey has on way too much makeup for pajamas:

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  1. Siri is a Beta product.

    Beta products should not be sold as features until they are out of Beta status.

    Still awaiting improved Siri functionality here in the U.K.

    1. While I feel these lawsuits are brought on by people that are just trying to hit it big, I feel Apple should do a better job letting people know the product will not operate in the wild as it does in commercials. Plus, if it’s a beta product, Apple should note that in the advertisements. No where in any of the commercials I’ve seen on TV does the word “beta” come up.

      1. If you don’t like the product then return it. 30 days …… Or even better do your homework first… Or are these people just disappointed in their own inability to be happy and need someone to blame…… Take responsibility for your own actions no be forced you to buy it or keep it…..

  2. Siri doesn’t work particularly well for me, and is about useless over bluetooth in my car (I think it’s a delay in the bluetooth relay to the phone). But that certainly doesn’t make me want to sue Apple over it. Get real.

  3. Why aren’t they suing Progressive for not having a funny quirky chick at their locations to buy insurance from?
    Or laundry detergents for making clothes as bright and colorful as they are on television?
    Whoa, advertising isn’t 100% accurate? Next thing you’ll tell me is politicians aren’t always truthful.
    Just return it and be done.

  4. Siri is in BETA fact 1. Apple never advertised or expressed that Siri is perfect fact 2. Apple has a return policy which the customer or customers didn’t even bother to use fact 3. The lawsuit is an excuse to try and get rich quick, not to pursue any moral gain about how Siri works anyways fact 4.

  5. The part of Siri that is the weak link is the Nuance voice recognition engine, not the Siri technology.

    I have Dragon Dictate fror Mac, while it works very well and each version gets better, if you don’t correct words that the voice recognition gets wrong, then the software’s model of your voice degrades very quickly.

    I don’t know how Apple and Nuance manage this problem with Siri (or if it is a problem), but it might explain why Siri’s performance seems to have got slightly worse over time.

  6. If people can sue for such ridiculousness they “perceived” from an ad ( which will only be based on perfect operation environment using people who can master the art of speech and not some backward hick who don’t know no english yee-ickkk ), why doesn’t everyone start suing Burger King, McDonalds, etc for advertising large, plump,, juicy burgers which we know you never end up with?? or is that too 1990’s to do now?

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