Apple to ‘iMessage’ Instagram to death with iOS 6 and iCloud?

“Apple’s upgrade of its mobile-phone operating system iOS 6 and the iCloud service will include a photo-sharing utility à la Instagram, which is being acquired by Facebook for $1 billion,” Aabha Rathee writes for Wall St. Cheat Sheet. “The app has more than 40 million users.”

“The new features will allow iCloud users to share photos with other users and to comment on them, sources told The Wall Street Journal,” Rathee writes. “About 125 million Apple device owners have signed up for the iCloud data-syncing service, the company announced last month. In February, the company had said the service had a 100 million users.”

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    1. You don’t get it, there is much more to it than that. Not the same function, or even same group of friends. I interact with people from all over the world. There are instagramers into mobile photography, Photography in general, then there are the duckfacers and now the marketers are moving in.

      Instagram started Mac only, with public support from Apple. Apple was not happy when they decided to make an Android version. Will be interesting to see what Apple comes up with. It makes sense. There is a whole tie in ecosystem with Instagram. InstaCanvas, CanvasPop, PrinstaGram, PostaGram, CasetaGram, InstaGoodies, and about a dozen more.

      1. In a world with iMessage + Ping + iOS6 Photo share + Find Friends + Open Maps + FaceTime, who needs Facebook?

        The answer is: whoever wishes… but doesn’t need it for communication and sharing.

  1. Say what you will about Facebook, it is hardware agnostic. Doesn’t matter what computer or phone you use, you can connect. It’s easy to choose your group of friends and family to share with. Apple’s sharing is always limited to those within the Apple ecosystem, and rarely as simple as FB for sharing.

  2. Facebook may have 900 million active accounts, but those numbers don’t reflect the number of actual unique users. In my experience, atleast half of the accounts on facebook are fake acounts, a majority for gamers.

  3. So as I read this it sounds as if they mean that iOS 6 will intergrate instagram photo sharing which means that Apple will have a direct connection to photo sharing with FB and not have to go from FB to upload your pics. Anyone else see this?

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