Apple thinking of resurrecting MacDraw?

“Two patent applications that were published in January and February 2010 illustrated how a future iteration of the Magic Mouse might support a new graphics and/or painting program from Apple,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Today we learn, through a document filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, that Apple might be thinking of resurrecting MacDraw,” Purcher reports.

“In a document filed with the Commissioner for Trademarks in April and only made public today, Apple requests an amendment to registration number 4101317… Apple respectfully requests that the Director correct the owner information for the MacDraw registration, and issue a new certificate of registration. The obvious question becomes, did Apple take assignment of MacDraw for purely historical reasoning or is this an application that Apple is thinking of resurrecting at some point in the future?”

Read Apple’s full document in the article here.


  1. Does this mean Apple is going after Adobe Illustrator? Adobe has had a strangle hold on the graphics industry for too long. Seriously with the features built into the OS with Core Image Apple could easily take on Adobe’s Creative Suite if they wanted to. A perfect example is Pixelmator. They do an amazing job of out-Photoshoping Photoshop. Maybe name the new suite of apps iCreate? or even add them to the iWork suite which is way overdue for an update!

    1. Because sometimes Apple makes mistakes? (sound of explosion in the background, door being kicked in) what the hell? Jesus, these guys look like ninjas or something ( sound of scurrying feet, grappling with a struggling subject) help hel- (sound of someone being bound and gagged and hurried out of the room. A ninja-voice speaks: ‘the subject is secure’. Sound of a ninja sitting down to type at this terminal)
      Alas, I have misspoken. I meant to say that Apple never makes mistakes, and will only upgrade it’s remarkable and extremely user friendly software in order to better all our lives.

  2. Long past due! It is ridiculous (even shameful) that the Mac, renown for its graphics capability, does not include a basic drawing program in the OS. Even Windoz has one.

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