Who’s protecting Apple?

“I would argue that the QB of stocks in today’s market is Apple,” Keith Speights reports for The Motley Fool. “But who’s protecting Apple?”

“There are plenty of companies who are physically protecting Apple – at least Apple products. Many of these companies make covers and screen shields for iPhones, iPods and iPads. The most prominent publicly traded of these companies protecting Apple is ZAGG (ZAGG),” Speights reports. “The part of iPhones and iPads that needs the most protection is the screen. The company making the glass that protects the iPhone and iPad is Corning (GLW).”

Speights reports, “Then there’s the possible future protector of the entire device – LiquidMetal (LQMT). Apple has licensed LiquidMetal’s metal alloy technology for a few years now but has yet to roll out an iPhone or iPad incorporating a Liquidmetal casing… I think we have to scratch the idea of tying the protectors’ stock prices to Apple’s valuation. Of course, that still doesn’t mean that these companies shouldn’t be highly valued. Let’s dig further.”

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  1. Why does everyone think LiquidMetal will be used to cover the iPhone.  IMHO it would make more sense to use LQMT in battery and/or circuitry.  Imagine a processor made out of the stuff.  The glass on the iPhone is strong, mine has gone through a lot.  I don’t understand all the complaints, it’s a hell of a lot better than plastic.  

  2. This liquid metal, when really ready, will be smart: As you lift the phone to use it the metal will liquify and slide to the bottom, out of the way. When you tip the phone over to put it back in your pocket or purse, it liquifies again and flows back to cover the surfaces. I wish the New York Times would approve of this report.

  3. ZAGG ??? What a joke. Apple does not make plastic screens that scratch easily any more and uses beautiful Gorilla glass that is very difficult to scratch in normal use.

    People who still buy that junk to ‘protect’ their screens are wasting their money, making a beautiful display distort and making a mockery of Apple’s incredible design work. Stop and think people . . . do you still cover your sofa with plastic like your grandparents did in the 1960’s?

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