Saskatchewan to get Apple premium reseller ‘iWorld Connect’

Regina’s Cornwall Centre is getting a store selling Apple products — though, contrary to rumours that circulated Tuesday morning on the web — it won’t be an Apple store,” Will Chabun reports for The Leader-Post.

“Krista Bebeau, the downtown mall’s marketing manager, said it will an outlet of a firm called iWorld Connect — the website of which ( confirms the company is opening a store in Regina,” Chabun reports. “Bebeau said iWorld Connect is an ‘Apple premium reseller.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: An earlier version of this article erroneously reported the store would be an official Apple Retail Store. That article was replaced with the one above at 8:40 pm EDT.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Bogus Jimmy” for the heads up.]


  1. OH MY GOD… Apple will cover the globe with Apple stores!

    Thats the secret. Each stores will have it’s own extremely powerful strength WI-MAX tower.

    Then yes, Apple could gain the capability to become the worlds largest Carrier for there largest cellular network. iPhone. Oh, man, the previous article is true then. Holy Mac-intosh-ies.

  2. I’d like to see something in Atlantic Canada. Folks out there haven’t even heard of Apple. (I exaggerate, of course) My last visit to hang with friends and play tunes I was stunned to discover that no one had a Mac. The only places that sell them are music stores, Best Buys, Camera stores, etc. Very disappointing.

    1. That’ll be good news for the 3 or 4 Mac folks in the area. 🙂 I was really surprised at the poor penetration of the Apple product in the Maritimes. Everyone simply pointed out that there was no real support or promotion for the product. This will make some changes.

  3. A couple from Saskatoon, were sick of winter, so they went to a travel agent and booked a trip New York City.
    When the couple got off the plane – still wearing their down jackets, wool hats and snow boots – they wandered into a bar and sat down. The locals wondered about these strangers, so one of the New Yorkers walked over to the visitors and said, “Excuse me. May I ask where you’re from?”
    “Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,” one of the Canadians replied.
    “Oh,” said the New Yorker, returning to his table.
    “So where are they from?” the other locals asked.
    “Don’t know,” replied the New Yorker. “They don’t speak English.”

    1. got a better one. A young man was in hospital with both legs in traction. At the nursing station, there was an old nurse training a young pretty nurse. One day the old nurse went to give the young man a bath. After a while she returned to the nursing station muttering. “What’s wrong?”, asked the young nurse. “Well I never.. ” spluttered the old nurse. “Do you know what that young man had tattooed on his manhood? Swan!”
      The next day the old nurse sent the young nurse to bathe the young man. After awhile the young nurse came running back to the nursing station. Her face was bright red and she could hardly speak. “Whatever is the matter young lady?”, demanded the old nurse. When she regained her composure, the young nurse leaned forward and whispered, “It doesn’t say Swan. It says, S a s k a t c h e w a n”

  4. Since Saskatchewan is the only jurisdiction in North America that isn’t running a deficit, you have to know the people there have high paying jobs and money to spend in The Apple Store.

    It’s the go to place for Potash, Uranium, Oil and Wheat.

    1. Don’t forget one other thing that Saskatchewan has that can be found nowhere else in North America: it’s the home of the Sasquatch.

  5. Regina!! What the!! It appears as though the apple store locater folks are just looking at a map now, for store placement, rather than taking into account the growth patterns and demographics of a potential store site. Saskatoon is 2.5 hours north of Regina, about as far away as Regina from an existing Apple store location…however, Saskatoon is ~20% larger, and the fastest growing city in Canada now and into the foreseeable future! We also have a huge University of Saskatchewan crowd; Saskatoon is the biotech and agritech capital of Canada; National and international research and private enterprise abound. Home to numerous huge global mining companies. Where the money is!…. Regina..government hacks and old football players.
    Apple, take another look!

  6. Good news for the people of Saskatchewan – if I were a young person in Canada or the US, I would strongly consider moving to Saskatchewan, Alberta, or Manitoba. There is a lot of high tech R&D being done in the Prairie Provinces. SED in particular has done some really good work in satellite systems.

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