“Ron Johnson is broadly credited with building out Apple’s insanely profitable retail store business,” Covester reports.

“Last November, Johnson shocked the business world when he announced he was leaving Apple to become CEO at department store chain JC Penney. On Quora, Brian Roemmele provided this terrific answer to why Johnson made the move and what it could mean for JCP’s prospects,” Covester reports. “Why? His desire to change just about every aspect of the department store experience.”

Covester reports, “It is his plan to remake every aspect of J.C. Penney’s by 2015. In his very Steve Jobs-like presentation he presented just how ‘broke’ the traditional retail department store model has become.”

Ron Johnson JCP presentation

MacDailyNews Note: Watch Ron Johnson and Michael Francis present J.C. Penney’s new strategy here.

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Steve Jobs’ influence has only just begun.