A Chinese New Year for Apple

“I’ll always remember April 24, 2012 as the day that Apple sales officially became the top Chinese play on Wall Street,” Jason Schwarz reports for TheStreet.

“We all know that Verizon iPhone sales were down 24% from the holiday quarter and AT&T sales were down 43% from the holiday quarter,” Schwarz writes. “The question of the year is…how many iPhones did Apple just sell in China? No specific data has ever been released on Chinese units so it’s difficult to come up with projections but… China most likely did 15 million units and boosted the iPhone number up to 35 million.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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    1. I’ve posted in a number of places this past week, that I have just returned from two weeks in Shanghai and Zhengzhou, and my observations from riding more than 3 hours on the Shanghai subways is that more than 50% of the phones visible were iPhones. I did not see any Nokias or Blackberries. Not a one. All the iPhones appeared to be real and not fakes. A lot were being carried by kids of high school and college age.

      Of course, Shanghai is the NYC of China, so like NYC was a decade ago with white earbuds everywhere, signifying iPods everywhere, now Shanghai is leading the trend of iPhones seemingly everywhere.

    1. Apple could have shipped 2M to 3M more iPads, and stayed within their usual 4 to 6 weeks of channel inventory. The inventory is very low right now, in fact, it’s lower sequentially. Based upon that alone, I expect Apple to get a bump in iPads when it likely reaches supply-demand equilibrium this quarter.

  1. Will someone tell these guys that the iPhone 4S launched the previous quarter and there was something called the Christmas holiday thrown in for good measure. What one needs to pay attention to is that 52% of all Verizon and 78% of all AT&T smartphones sold were iPhones. This means that Android is in big trouble, especially if the reduction in absolute numbers of iPhone sales for those carriers is supposed to be bad news. The absolute number of Android sales quarter to quarter must really be tanking.

  2. Can’t wait to see iPhone vs android in the us this quarter. iPhone killed android at both Verizon and at &t… If the sprint smartphone #’s favor the iPhone too, iOS will beat android

  3. People in the US really do underestimate the market potential of China and the rest of the world in general. So many here tend to think outside of the US is all third world or something of that sort. I think we saw this in action with the investors who dumped AAPL over the past few weeks. Apple is still only scratching the surface in China (China Mobile still to come) and has barely gotten started in India and Brazil.

    These so-called analysts as well as the investors will have to do a lot more digging than just looking at AT&T and Verizon numbers. It won’t be long before Apple’s international sales numbers reach 70% and it may eventually get to as much as 80%. Ignore the rest of the world at your own risk. The US population only makes up 5% of the world’s population and the remainder of the world is getting richer by the day – especially the big three of China, India and Brazil.

    Why are analysts and investors only focusing on the past? They look at Apple’s performance of the past, say, 5 years and say, “Oh, that’s it. It can’t possibly go on like this any longer. The market (i.e., US) is saturated. What goes up must come down.” Well, the problem is that they just have no idea on when it will stop going up and it sure won’t be soon.

    1. Europe, Asia and other parts of the world have quietly overtaken US living standards. Add that to it. US Analysts sit at their homes and don’t travel the world much, it seems…thus live in a fantasy world of yesterday. alexkhan2000’s view ought to be accurate, it’s what I felt since 2-5 years. That’s right.

      1. – ‘what the heck, if the Asians wanna play hardball with us, the US, we’ll bomb ’em straight to hell!’ – guess not. ya can’t even afford space shuttles no more, and running one aircraft carrier amounts to what, 550 000 $ a day…?

      2. The world is no more US-centric. The US has to realize that the rest of the world is creeping to parity in living standards to the US’s and will soon overwhelm the US in all fields of endeavor. The US has to blame itself for shooting its own foot. Blame should lay at the feet of Wall Street’s wise men; the government and private think tanks who think that the US is too big to fail; the useless and corrupt politicians in the White House, the Congress and Senate; and the clueless corporations being led by the nose by Wall Street’s con men to embrace the short-term outlook of doing business.

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