Ashton Kutcher believes the role of Steve Jobs was meant for him

“Ashton Kutcher is pouring himself into the role of Steve Jobs before filming begins next month on ‘Jobs,’ an indie biopic about the late Apple innovator,” Michelle Ruiz reports for The Daily.

Ruiz reports, “‘He is already meeting with folks that knew Steve Jobs. He’s working with professionals to get inside the voice. He’s letting his hair grow out. I understand he’s canceled all meetings and actually canceled all other projects,’ producer Mark Hulme, whose newly formed Five Star Feature Films is the sole investor behind ‘Jobs,’ told Flash. ‘He believes the role was meant for him.'”

““The physical resemblance is actually scary… but he himself connects with this man in a very significant way. Of course he’s a big techie. He has a personal affinity to what Steve Jobs accomplished,’ Hulme added. ‘Ashton is a much more intense individual than a lot of his current roles represent. We are feeling convinced that he’s gonna nail this,'” Ruiz reports. “Don’t rule him out for a Best Actor Oscar campaign, either. Kutcher will begin filming ‘“Jobs’ next month in hopes of releasing the film by Thanksgiving, in time for awards consideration.”

Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher, Photo: Tom Munnecke/Getty Images, Henry S. Dziekan III/WireImage
Photo: Tom Munnecke/Getty Images, Henry S. Dziekan III/WireImage

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s stunning and amazing to hear a producer talking up his film.

MacDailyNews Note: Sony Pictures is currently developing its own Steve Jobs biopic, based on the bestselling biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. The indie production starring Kutcher is based on a script by Matt Whiteley and will focus mainly on Jobs’ early years.

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  1. Gee Ashton, so glad that Steve was born and was successful just so YOU can have meaning!

    After all, that’s what it is all about right?

    If I hear one more moronic Hollywood dipstick say, “This role was meant for me.”, I’ll send their photo to Jared! Or something…

  2. I look at the pictures and I remember that Ashton Kutcher dropped out of MIT to become an actor and Steve dropped out of community college to become a billionaire and I see that the parallels are just astounding.

    I can’t wait.

    How do you put in an end of sarcasm tag again?

    1. No he did not go to MIT.
      He may have visited the gift shop, but he was not enrolled.
      He went to Unuversity of Iowa-quit because he got a modeling contract

  3. What a fraud Ashton F Kusher is. I too could put on along hair and grow a beard and say I look uncannily like SJ. So could a million other people. But if you look at the features closely, you will find the are nothing like Steve’s.

    That’s Hollywood for you.

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