Apple’s next-gen iPhone: Thinner, lighter, faster – and poured?

“The latest unreliable iPhone 5 rumor to cross my desk claims the future Apple smartphone will be created using a new ‘liquid metal’ technology, so the next model to emerge from the iPhone factories over in China may not be cast, but poured,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Granted, that’s an over-simplification of the Liquidmetal Technology process,” Evans writes. “Apple acquired rights to use these patented alloys way back in 2010. Since it acquired them it doesn’t seem to have done much with the process, [for] which it paid $30 million… There could be some fire to this smoke. Liquidmetal announced in March that it had begun shipping commercial parts to several of its customers. ‘Parts delivery began this past December with continuing shipments scheduled for the months ahead,’ the press release said.”

Evans wonders, “Given recent claims Apple’s iPhone factory partner, Foxconn, has begun recruiting staff to run its iPhone 5 production lines, is it possible the partners are beginning to create the production lines for new iPhones using Liquidmetal?”

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MacDailyNews Take: As with “Liquid Jesus” and “liquid lunch,” we just love to say “Liquidmetal.” Liquid, liquid, liquid!

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