Apple seeds Safari 5.2 Update 3 to developers

“Following the release of OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3, Apple has seeded Safari 5.2 Update 3 that carries a few new features and bug fixes,” AppleInsider reports.

“Among the usual bug fixes, Safari 5.2 Update 3 comes with a new scalable vector graphics filter, redesigned Web Inspector and HTML5 media controllers,” AppleInsider reports. “Also included are CSS filters, Web Audio API and HTML5 timed tracks.”

Release notes in the full article here.


  1. safari is VERY slow when you have multiple screens open… also all flash based video is slow and jaggity.. (i know, flash sucks…) i just notice the spinning ball a lot and have to re-start

    1. Add to that the drag and instability created by Safari extensions and add-ons. Not that I’d want to remove them all! I enjoy using 1Password and [that ad removal add-on that shall not be named]. Ghostery is kewl. Do Not Track Plus is kewl. Web Of Trust is kewl. But they eat CPU, adding to Safari’s already voracious need for RAM and CPU cycles.

      BTW: Whoever leaked this information about Safari 5.2 Update 3 is very naughty. They are under Apple’s NDA. (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

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