Apple’s Q2 2012 iPhone sales dip: Can the iPad 3 save the day?

“Apple is expected to announce that iPhone sales during Q2 2012 decreased slightly from the previous quarter,” Zack Whittaker reports for ZDNet. “But can the iPad 3 save the day?”

“With Apple’s earnings less than a fortnight away, a report in Fortune suggests Apple may have sold between 26–44 million iPhones in the past quarter, which ended two weeks ago,” Whittaker reports. “While the Cupertino-based company will likely shed more light on the figures on April 24, analysts polled suggests a middle ground of around 35.1 million devices — a decrease from the previous quarter. That said, it marks more than 85 percent increase year-on-year for the company… Apple said in February that it sold more than 37 million iPhones in Q1 2012, a cumulative total of 175 million to date.”

Whittaker reports, “While Apple is expected to generate around half of its revenue from the iPhone, the iPad 3 may well pick up the numbers should declining iPhone sales cause a dip in revenue.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wait, you mean the Christmas quarter sales for a newly-announced product likely eclipsed calendar first quarter sales of said product? Wow (dripping sarcasm).

The really astounding thing is that iPhone unit sales are expected to only slightly decrease vs. the Christmas quarter.


  1. Comparing holiday season sales to non-holiday quarter is like Apples to…

    Dip! Can iPad save the day. OMG. Fire! Run! Sell!
    Goalposts are variables when it comes to anything Apple!

    1. That’s the first thing that went through my mind as I read this. Wasn’t the “previous quarter” the holiday quarter? Well, duh, of course the sales are going to dip!

      Comparing one quarter to the previous quarter is meaningless. What matters is the comparison to the year-ago quarter.


    2. It appears neither MDN nor any of the replies in this section have read the actual article that is linked to above at ZDNET.. If anyone actually read it they would know that by looking at the past record (say the last 2 years) on the included bar graph and compare Q1 and Q2 of those years you will see quite easily that Q2 (Jan.-Mar.) HAS been higher than Q1 (Oct.-Dec.). Perhaps the author was alluding to the drop as being out of character for Apple sales and thus titled his article appropriately.

  2. Could this all be more FUD? I am suspicious. If it is, perhaps the the feds should be investigating the ongoing manipulation of Apple stock and not worry about alleged price fixing on e-books.

  3. What kind of nonsense is this? Since when do we measure against the previous quarter? Last quarter was the Christmas quarter, which is always larger. This quarter should be measured against the year ago quarter!

  4. It’s the liberal, facist, racist, commie sympathizing, unborn children killing, won’t pay for abortion loving, Obama voting nazis…

    Oh, sorry, wrong rant…

  5. This is misleading and illogical. Is the author, or more likely his editor trying for a eye popping headline…which, upon examination is a headfake? Quoting a range of 25-44 million units to be reported sold and averaging them at 35 …and then drawing a conclusion of a dip vs the prior qtr of 37. If this was written by someone with English as his 6th language, i would give them a poor grade. Is what journalism in 2012 is? Is that it? Yikes, this is beyond weak analysis.

  6. zack witthacker is not even an analyst. he is a college kid that for whatever reason (incompetence is a must over there , i guess) happens to write for zdnet. “a report in Fortune suggests Apple may have sold between 26–44 million iPhones in the past quarter”. really? between 25 and 44 million. whoa, that is quiet a range.

    why should the ipad save the day when iphone sales will be probably up 85% yoy?

  7. Comparing Q2 to Q1 iPhone sales–and letting that be a reason to sell AAPL–is incredibly stupid, definitely unethical and irresponsible, and (IMHO) criminal. Y-O-Y is the only valid sales measurement of ESTABLISHED products, which the iPhone clearly is. Indeed, MacHeadB, the analists are at it again . . . in spades.

  8. Analysts predict numbers between 26 and 44 million, which is an incredibly wide range of 18 million, yet they think it’s a cause for concern that the actual numbers may possibly turn out to be about a couple of million less than the sales in the holiday peak season.

    If the analysts ever made predictions that came somewhere close to the actual sales figures, then I might concede that they had some sort of point, but when they’re simply pulling figures out of the air ( or out of places I’d rather not think about ), it makes no sense to be concerned about a possible two million when their own estimates show an error of plus or minus 9 million.

    Fortunately I have a few thousand ready to invest and am waiting to buy more shares when I feel that the price is right, but I’d still prefer to not have such ill-informed speculation destabilising the price.

  9. Last time I looked Max Pain was somewhere around $560. That’s the reason for all the fear mongering and distortions, IMHO. We have to drive the share price down to a level that won’t put the hedge funds out of business. Anybody care to bet that we get there this week?

  10. A “dip” in revenue from the previous quarter? That’s been happening like clockwork every year for a long time after the holiday quarter. It’s just ridiculous the amount of BS we have to put up with on the Internet… sigh…

    1. As I have replied above, you should check the source before writing.. The past 2 years based on the bar graph that was provided show that in the previous 2 fiscal years, Q2 revenue DID exceed Q1.

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