Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro units constrained ahead of redesigned models

“Multiple authorized resellers this week are reflecting stock outs of 15-inch MacBook Pros, suggesting that Apple is ramping down production of existing models before introducing redesigned offerings that will largely resemble the company’s increasingly popular line of ultra-slim MacBook Airs,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Among those resellers reflecting backorder status on some of the current 15-inch MacBook Pros is J&R, which is now sold out of both the 2.2GHz model, which is listed as ‘out of stock,’ and the 2.4GHz variety, which is currently advertised as ‘on order,'” Hughes reports. “In addition, Best Buy has also stopped accepting online orders for the 2.4GHz model for home delivery.”

Hughes reports, “This week’s stock-outs come as Intel is gearing up to launch its Ivy Bridge chips, which have been rumored to begin finding their way into Apple’s Mac product line as early as this month or next… Apple appears to be planning a staggered overhaul of the MacBook Pro lineup, beginning with an updated 15-inch model, followed by the 13-inch, and ultimately the 17-inch by the end of the year.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. You mean to say that Jonny Ives has problems designing a slim form factor MacBook Pro 15″ and 17″ so that their release can be concurrent? What a load of tosh.

    Also, why release a separate slim form factor MBP 13″ when there’s a 13″ MacBook Air? Another load of tosh.

    1. Gimme some yummy retina displays with a burst of flavor, topped with crispy ssd’s with delicious IOPS. Leave out the ODD, and sprinkle a new intel chipset and speedier graphics, covered in a unibody dressing with extra helpings of glass.


  2. BLN: how wonderfully vapid of you. This hardly the first time that Apple has introduced laptops in staged fashion. The staggered intro has to do with feature sets and chip availability.

  3. You know, I just realized something – why make the MBP ultra-slim anyway? I mean, of the things people care about, which is performance, storage space, usability, etc, I don’t hear MBP users saying anything about size. I don’t have a problem with my current MBP being the size that it is. And if they’re going to take out the optical drive, why not keep it the same size and, if they really want to go to SSD storage, use that space to put more SSD storage in, like, say, a second SSD drive? Seriously, I would rather have 1TB of internal storage (be it HDD or SSD) than a thinner notebook.

    Anyone with me here?

    1. Yeh! There are many people who have ONE computer. I have an iMac plus an Air, but if I had one computer that is portable (like I used to) no way do I want to be constrained to a small SSD drive.

      1. Well, honestly, I don’t care if it’s 1TB of SSD or 1TB of HDD. I just don’t want my next computer to take a step down from the 750GB I’ve got now.

        But if the max SSD you can put in the current MBP is 512GB, and the next generation is taking out the optical drive, why not use that physical space to double the storage capacity? Do you want less physical space, or more storage space? I prefer the latter.

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