Apple patent application reveals powerful pattern detection for iOS cameras

“Apple’s iOS cameras will be eventually gaining very powerful pattern detection technologies,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Although the iOS camera system will gain OCR and bar code scanning capabilities, Apple’s future system will go far beyond that,” Purcher reports. “The advanced camera system will be able to read IBSN numbers, pricing symbols, phone numbers and much more – all in context.”

Purcher reports, “For instance, you’ll be able to scan a poster of a movie as noted in our cover graphic. From that you’ll be able to scan faces and be given contextual menu options pertaining to that face or scan a phone number and be given the option to put it into your contact information or touch the photo of the movie image and call up a movie trailer or access to show times and other relevant information. You’ll be able to scan a URL off of a magazine and then touch the URL on the image on your iPad and be given the option to activate the URL. Is that wild? This is really powerful technology that Apple will be building into next generation iOS devices that will greatly benefit consumers and professionals alike.”

Much more, including Apple’s patent application illustrations, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


      1. Tied in with Siri yes. The assistant should be able to addd contacts and phone numbers with Siri. And to retrieve information also at your request. Google Goggles idea would make a much simpler cellphone with a basic screen; no touch – just voice – pure to the device that is is.

  1. I’ve been wanting that for some time now. How many times have I read a magazine pointing me to a url and of course I enter it in manually. It would be cool to just scan it and click on it. As long as the scan is fast, mind you. My wife will love it for scanning stuff at the grocery store.

    Having contextual menus will be nice too. In fact, it might be my favorite part of this idea.

  2. Apple patents are also getting tiring.
    If Apple plans to use these technologies only to intimidate other companies and remain in secrecy with it’s future plans – it does not look very good for Apple as a company that is all about the consumer.

    1. Apples patents are not tiring. Apple defending its ideas from theft by lazy derivative copiers is not tiring.

      People complaining about Apple defending itself from theft is tiring.

    1. yes – building it in will be a lot better, and integrated.

      Is Siri better than having a separate app that could dictate only? By a long way!

      Now you may have an app for OCR, another for Qcodes, another for scanning business cards…but having all integrated into iOS and not having to select which? Way better!
      Of course Apples offering will be easier to use and more accurate too.

      Of course some 3rd party apps will become obsolete, but they have had the opportunity to make money off iOS until now. If they can expand on Apples offering they will continue to do so

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