New Apple 3D app in final stages of development (with iPad screenshot)

“Earlier today we introduced Apple’s 3D Avatar App which covered a basic overview of the new application in the works,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Now a second patent application has surfaced and it actually shows that the app is already running on an iPad! We have the screenshot to prove it,” Purcher reports. “The new patent application focuses on how the app will work with color palettes and more. The big news however is that the new 3D Avatar App is in its final stages of development and that’s very cool.”

Purcher reports, “Evidently phase-one of the application is geared for the younger crowd, but other editions could be in the works as discussed in our first report today. One of the 3D characters in this Avatar App that we illustrate in our report has an Apple T-Shirt on. It makes you wonder if Apple is planning to debut this 3D Avatar app alongside a cool new Apple based game of sorts to kick this off just right.”

More info and screenshots in the full article here.


  1. So far, I’m not too impressed with recent Apple’s 3D efforts. Their Collada models are just a bunch of polygons, tons of them. Rather disappointing considering Pixar’s capabilities to use smooth, seamless NURBS surface patches, etc.

  2. I think this could be interesting. 1. It’s this generation’s coloring book, 2. I agree with writer, I think an Apple game is the way to get this rolling. It needs a context.

    Forget NURBS, I’m impressed with what I’m seeing already and it’s not even the finished product.

    1. Two patents were published yesterday. One was like a mock up and the other is a simulation. The second one in contrast with the first one illustrates the great advancement. Apple’s design team has shown us the intended exemplary device, which is an iPad. Good enough for me. Message understood loud and clear.

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