How Apple and facts killed Consumer Reports

“How do most companies die? They continually shoot themselves in the foot. So ends the once prestigious Consumer Reports,” Kate MacKensie writes for PixoBebo. “The Consumer Union publication lost its way and succumbed, not to the internet, or better publications, but to its own vanity and ill mannered, illogical, and factually deficient reviews.”

“Through the years, Consumer Reports has been a haven for seemingly unbiased, reasonable product reviews,” MacKensie writes. “In their quest for continued glory in the face of the faceless internet reviews by the millions, CR decided to seek publicity first, and deal with facts later (not even second).”

“Why did Consumer Reports jump out in front of Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna reception? Because the company sensed a wave of publicity. But it backfired. They shot themselves in the foot,” MacKensie writes. “And they did it again with the new iPad. Hot? Or, merely incidentally warm, but a non-issue since every other device can get similarly warm? Consumer Reports failed to stick with the facts on Apple’s iPhone, and failed again with the iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Fishwrap for fish desecrators.

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  1. CR has always has a strange thing about Apple. I noticed the dust building on my floppies before the first iMac shipped, but they continued to insist that anyone who bought a mac needed to by a floppy drive, right up until PC makers started dropping the floppy as well.

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