Consumer Reports was no iPhone killer and they’re no iPad killer, either

“I suppose conspiracy theories might be in order. When Consumer Reports concluded that they couldn’t recommend the iPhone 4 because of alleged reception problems if you held the handset the wrong way, they might have really expected to see sales of Apple’s smartphone plummet,” Gene Steinberg writes for TechNightOwl. “But it doesn’t seem there was any impact at all, other than in the quarter before the iPhone 4S came out. That was when customers apparently remained on the sidelines awaiting the new model, not because CR had anything to say about it.”

“That’s quite a difference from the auto industry. When CR downgrades a motor vehicle for severe handling defects — a few models nearly overturned during emergency handling tests — you can bet manufacturers will take notice,” Steinberg writes. “But that’s the car business. With the iPhone, Apple didn’t pay attention to CR’s non-recommendation. The customers didn’t either, obviously, or not in any significant way.”

Steinberg writes, “Now CR tried once again to get in front of the debate when some people complained that the new iPad ran hot… The temperature tests of other tablets that indicate the difference between them and the new iPad is, at best, a slight to none. Under normal use and service, those variations wouldn’t be terribly noticeable. As these tests are repeated and published, it makes CR look more and more foolish. Clearly, they targeted Apple, hoping, perhaps, to find a serious defect and gain more attention than they received when they messed up the iPhone 4 test.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bird cage liner for bird-haters.

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  1. “Consumer, I served with iPhone Killer. I knew iPhone Killer.
    iPhone Killer was a friend of mine.
    Consumer Reports, you’re no iPhone Killer…”

    -H. Royd Bentin

  2. I’m really sorry, this article is just plain silly, as are the ‘FUD’ commenters who obviously did not take the trouble to read the report.

    At no point does CR say the high temp they saw was an ‘iPad killer’ and there is no ‘Apple bashing’ going on. In fact, they say the temps will not likely affect the new iPad’s rating.

    The ‘hit-whoring’ indictments are infantile at best, CR is non-profit, and the idea the ‘CR is irrelevant’ is frankly laughable if the accusers have never subscribed to CR (or even read it).

    1. On the contrary, CR is singling out Apple – again – when (if other reports are to be believed) other tablets have similar warming under heavy use, including some with temperature elevation considerably more than the iPad.

      Just as with the iPhone antenna report, the main problem is not the fact of reporting something, it is their focussing on Apple, ignoring everyone else, and (trying?) to make it look like something is a “problem” particular to Apple.

  3. The exact same thing could be said about them ‘singling out’ Honda for their new Civic, which was knocked off their recommended list.
    However, I have just checked CR’s website and saw that they also did the same to Toyota for the new Yaris.
    My argument is weaker than I thought. Apple indeed seems to be criticized when other products with the exact same ‘faults’ are not even mentioned.
    I’m a CR reader AND an avid Apple fan. This is a conundrum I shall ponder further…

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