What Apple needs to do to stay ahead with the 4th-gen iPad

“Apple once again delivered a high quality experience with the ‘new’ iPad, aka iPad 3,” Patrick Moorhead reports for Tech.pinions. “While the new iPad will sell exceptionally well, I’d like to discuss what Apple will need to deliver in the ‘new-new’ iPad, aka iPad 4 to keep their leadership position.”

There were some steps taken backward that need to be addressed:
• Weight
• Battery Life
• Heat

• Scalable Graphics
• Wireless Display (AirPlay)
• Gameplay
• Safari Multitasking
• iCloud (especially iOS to PC/Mac)
• Convertible Configuration
• Facial Recognition Login (and multi-user capability)

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Why are we still dwelling upon the temperature issue? That slight increase in temperature is not even noticeable. My Toshiba Tablet PC would leave first degree burns on my legs if I wore shorts. Literally! I guess they need something to criticize.

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