What Apple needs to do to stay ahead with the 4th-gen iPad

“Apple once again delivered a high quality experience with the ‘new’ iPad, aka iPad 3,” Patrick Moorhead reports for Tech.pinions. “While the new iPad will sell exceptionally well, I’d like to discuss what Apple will need to deliver in the ‘new-new’ iPad, aka iPad 4 to keep their leadership position.”

There were some steps taken backward that need to be addressed:
• Weight
• Battery Life
• Heat

• Scalable Graphics
• Wireless Display (AirPlay)
• Gameplay
• Safari Multitasking
• iCloud (especially iOS to PC/Mac)
• Convertible Configuration
• Facial Recognition Login (and multi-user capability)

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    1. Dear Author,

      I think your article is useless. APPLE people knows what they doing. You don’t need to express your ideas. They are knowledgeable than you do. Stop telling us what they should next. Please write something that we can learn from you folks.

  1. Welcome to the digital age, when silicon contains millions of transistors that switch, heat is produced. Although lower voltages help, processor intensive applications make all digital products heat up.

    iCloud to PC – Why?, it’s Apples Eco-system. You are either in it or out. You can’t live in Win-doze land and expect to receive Apple goodies!!

    Convertible configuration – you cannot please all of the people all of the time!! Yes, Apple could produce accessories, but it’s not the sexy bit!

    1. Well, Mr. Moorhead does not appear to be very intelligent.
      Only the first three items:
      • Weight
      • Battery Life
      • Heat <———This one is B S. Android Tablets run hotter than iPad.
      Require a new device to change.
      The rest are only software changes. And that, as per Steve, is why Apple got rid of the "bottom 40%". 😉

  2. iOS 6 will hopefully allow:

    – Airdrop between iDevices and Macs

    – MultiUsers (not holding my breath – I think they envision these as individual devices, especially as what they’ll morph into over time. Plus they sell more devices without it.)

    – Better UI for iPad. (Just got my first one, and I think it looks too much like the Mac – especially Safari. Make something unique to iPad, like sites unique to iPhone.)

    – Multi-touch equivalent for Home Button and multi-tasking. (When I’m getting all touchy feeley with my iPad, I don’t want to press a button that moves the iPad on my lap or knocks down the perch I have it on. I want to TOUCH for those actions.)

    1. “Multi-touch equivalent for Home Button…”
      5-finger pinch.

      “…and multi-tasking.”
      4-finger wipe back and forth.

      Works on my iPad one too, since 5.0.1 at least.

  3. For next iPad:

    – Inductive charging would be SO welcome. (I know it is currently wasteful (see what I did there?), but it would be so convenient. Hopefully there are some solutions in the pipeline.

    – Glass thinner, even faster, evolutionary improvements.

    – iPad gets sidelined as having reached its perfect form (only ever evolutionary improvements from here on out, like iPods eventually became.)

    – Therefore, a new product is unveiled alongside the slightly better iPad: an iMac Mini (not the real name, of course, as it sux as a name). The iMac mini has a 15″ retna display iPad merged with an iMac stand/docking station and bluetooth keyboard and mouse/trackpad.

    1. I’m not sure it would be cool at all. How does it help anything? Is there really a problem there to be solved? Do you run your fingers over your iPad and iPhone thinking, “Damn, I sure wish my fingertips were jiggling right now. That would add so much more value.”?

      It’s gimmicky and that’s all. Won’t happen.

  4. The recent upgrades to the new iPad and Apple TV are great advancements – but Apple needs not only to sell those sweet retina screens in iPad new… they need to sell it in another product to balance cost and technology. MacBook Air could get a MacBook Air mini?

    I would be surprised to see a 27 and 40 inch retina iMAC or Pro display – to see this occur – Apple will need to also have ready the iTV in retina also.

    The competition, technologically, is right on Apples butt.
    Android needs to be destroyed – but it will not be. Apple says it is stolen and has no proof yet. Windows vs Mac has happened all over again.
    The only good difference here is – this time Apple has loads of money.
    That will not be enough to stop the competition.

  5. I agreed with what Patrick Moore suggests.

    Scalable (vector) graphics on both both iOS and OSX would seem to better utilize the retina screen. Applications developed both for OSX and IOS would not require iPhone vs iPad fragmentation.

    And besides, is there HD video out there on Apple or any site to watch that fulfill the resolution iPad new can do? NO.
    So its a bonus somewhat useless. A gorgeous screen to wait until apps are developed – fragmenting the app store and causing confusion.

  6. I would just like to see Apple focus on families a bit more. It would be nice if a family could each have individual AppleIDs yet have our purchases of apps and content synch to all accounts.


    More than any new feature, I want true stereo speakers in landscape mode. The current speaker is stereo but both speakers are on one side of the device. Very very silly design. The audio quality of the device is amazing and it would be best in stereo.
    Every notebook and even netbooks have a left and right speaker. If you think about it it’s really strange it wasn’t stereo from the beginning.

    Also, FCOL MOVE the freaking headphone jack an inch or 2 so its out of the way for gamers !

      1. Which one do you have? I’m actually in the market for a good set. of wireless headphones. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve reached for something and accidentally yanked on the headphone cord.

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