Apple iPads, laptops stolen from Romney presidential campaign staff

“10News has uncovered a crime against members of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign which may have compromised sensitive information related to Romney’s run for the White House,” KGTV reports.

“Last Friday, two campaign aides left their rented SUV in the Horton Plaza parking garage while they got dinner,” KGTV reports. “When they returned, someone had grabbed all their belongings, including two iPads, two handheld radios and two laptops with detailed information about Romney’s presidential campaign.”

“‘This could just be a coincidence,’ said political analyst Carl Luna. ‘Then again, given this campaign season and how negative it’s been, dirty tricks are not alien to American politics,'” KGTV reports. “Luna said the laptops and iPads could be a treasure trove of valuable insider information for Romney’s opponents.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Find My iPad. And, if those “laptops” were really notebooks with Apple logos on them: Find My Mac.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. Yes, those crazy scientists and their stupid data are probably thieves, as well. Is that because Romney used to believe them (as he wrote in his book), then changed his mind?

      More likely a job funded by another GOP campiagn, following the Nixon playbook of dishonesty and cheating.

        1. Nice try, but no.

          “5 Conclusions
          This is the first study providing a systematic investigation of the spatial and temporal
          distribution of CaCO3
          in sea ice. We showed the heterogenous occurrence of CaCO3
          in sea ice and provide an estimate of its significance for the carbon cycle in polar
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          of sea ice in both the Arctic and Antarctic is necessary to validate these findings. ”

          Huh. Nothing in the study about Medieval anything, and not a single mention of “global” “climate change” either.

          Back to your Bible studies…

    2. I think the word you’re struggling for is anthropogenic, as in “originating from humans”.

      Anthropological is the adjective of anthropology, which is “a social science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, social customs, and beliefs of humankind.”

    3. When you don’t know the difference between “anthropological” and “anthropogenic”, you announce yourself as an ignorant sucker who has bought into the lies of the fossil fuel industry and their paid shills.
      Have fun destroying the future for your children and grandchildren.

  1. I am pretty surprised that since Romney is the first candidate who is a verified iPad user he has not already received the coveted MacDailyNews Presidential Endorsement. I think you guys are behind the ball here. With that endorsement in his pocket, it would be clear sailing to the White House!

          1. No. Merely a response to the thethirdshoe’s statement, “America does not want ANY kind of religious nutjob in the Whitehouse.”

            The only joke, sick as it may be, is that he got elected for a term.

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