How Apple’s next-gen MacBook Pro will sport a Retina display

“The high resolution artwork [found in the second Developer build of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion] indicates that Macs could soon come with a HiDPI mode, essentially Retina Display, meaning that their screens would have a much greater density of pixels packed into the same area,” AppleBitch writes.

“What is worth noting, however, is that in order for Apple to accomplish [a Retina display in the new iPad], the majority of the internal volume of the new iPad is now comprised of battery,” AppleBitch writes. “And how could Apple achieve this in the MacBook Pro? You guessed right. Drop the CD/DVD drive… [which] takes up an enormous amount of space. Ditch that drive and replace it with battery, and you have a MacBook Pro with enough battery capacity to support a high pixel density display for a significant amount of time.”

AppleBitch writes, “So don’t be surprised if the next MacBook Pro you see will be a thinner, lighter, MacBook Air like model with a super high resolution display, bigger battery and sans optical drive.”

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    1. Not sure that it is quite time to ditch the HDD altogether, not with high-capacity SSD’s costing as much as they do. I’d look for a hybrid drive solution with the SSD’s providing the rapid boot times like the MBA but the 500GB+ HDD providing storage for non-system files.

      1. If they are ditching optical and plan to make a slimmer case then they will have to ditch HDD as well. Both Optical and HDD are 9.75mm. Apple can’t physically make a slimmer unibody MBP case without ditching both drives

        Perhaps two 256GB SSD chips for the standard and dual 512GB in the high end?

        1. thats more like what I think would happen.
          you are correct they can’t ditch one and keep the other, they could… but the New MBP would be a tad lopsided in design.

          1. I think apple applied for patents not to long ago regarding irregular shaped batteries. They could move the hybrid drive to the back and stuff e tapered front full of battery.

  1. I don’t know specfically, but using “HiDPI mode” is not as GPU intensive as supporting four times as many pixels “natively.” So for a given Mac model, the OS is still using the old non-doubled resolution, but graphical elements that support HiDPI mode are displayed at double resolution. In other word, the size and amount of content shown on the screen will the same as current Mac displays, but some portions will be twice as sharp.

    Therefore, it may be possible the current class of GPU to support HiDPI mode.

  2. I really can’t remember the last time I used my drive. It makes no sense carrying it around in a laptop, when you can leave an external one at home. But the rest of the PC industry will scream about it for years the way they did with the 3.5

    1. I use mine in spurts to import CD’s to iTunes. Yes, I still buy and listen to CD’s. Call me old fashioned but I prefer it to the all-digital way. Movies and TV shows on the other hand – all digital.

      1. I’m with you.
        I don’t buy my music/tv/movies digitally. I buy my Games digitally, but thats it.
        I prefer to rip them myself and have them exactly how I want them.

          1. yeah thats what i meant.
            I’m used to the “digital download” tag thats on games etc when referring to the download instead of the actual physical disk in a box/case.

  3. I’m not sure if this is a good thing for professional content creators. It’s going to throw the resolution all over the place on that screen. The higher the resolution the small everything is going to get obviously. It’s already too high!! Not to mention content creation applications will need to be rewritten to support such things as well. I’m all for moving forward, but does this make sense right now?

    1. It will not make everything smaller. Icons aren’t smaller on the new iPad, are they? It just makes things more “crisp”. We are talking the same “screen real estate” with a sharper display.

  4. Would make logical points of differentiation between the MBA and MBP lineups. Pros have retina display, larger storage capacity (hybrid SSD/HDD), greater capacity for RAM and at least one notch higher performance CPU/GPU combos available. Equal battery time. Thicker and heavier than the MBA, but just a tad thinner and lighter than the current MBP.

  5. The Wintards are still bragging about having a Blu-ray drive in their notebooks which make them superior to Mac notebooks. I wouldn’t think there is too much demand for Blu-ray on a portable, but each person has their own preferences. I never had a Blu-ray player and I probably never will.

    1. I have a Blu Ray drive in my PC.
      And a PS3.

      Beyond that, no dedicated Blu Ray player. I rarely use the PS3 for anything anymore.. And I use the BR drive in the PC mainly to Rip the BR into my own library.
      I purchase BR, Just not sure when the last time I actually played a BR disk.. It just goes straight to my iTunes Library, either Rip it or from an iTunes Digital Copy.

  6. Save Power Mode? Most typing and text modes on MBPros are great now.

    I wonder if we will be able to chop the resolution back to the existing MBPro pixel density to save power in some way.

    I realize we still have to power all those pixels, but there would not be a high GPU load, except when you actually want to do high res graphics or video.

    It will be interesting to see what comes out.

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