Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 now, for free

“Adobe’s next version of Photoshop — CS6 — is now available as a free download in beta form,” Charlie Sorrel reports for Cult of Mac.

“The update packs in a lot of new features, but it really feels more like a reboot, with a redesigned interface and several features ported back from Photoshop’s sister product, Lightroom,” Sorrel reports. “The biggest changes are the fixes to the basics. Crop is now undoable at any time, just like in Lightroom, and Photoshop also gets Lightroom’s shadow and highlight tools which pull details out of the dark and light parts of an image without make it look all HDR-y.”

More info in the full article here.

More info and download link for Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta (.dmg – 984 MB) here.

MacDailyNews Note: You do not need a serial number to install and use the beta. Simply select “Try. I want to try Adobe Photoshop CS6 for a limited time.” in the welcome screen when you start the installation process.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Judge Bork” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I’ve been using PS since version 1.0 on Mac – the one thing they have not figured out yet in all the version upgrades is file sucking and RAM usage.
    If you have a file and add a layer, then apply filters, tweak color, paste another layer or add a layer mask, etc… the file size triples… and then uses up more resources. Even with lightning fast computers and Solid state drives, maxed out memory, the file sizes increase astronomically.

    Maybe they can work on that at some point?
    I’ve never used pixelator but i’m sure it’s good if you’re not trying to work on real photo-retouching for print and just chopping pics for your Facebook page, etc..

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