Rush Limbaugh reviews new Apple iPad: ‘It is amazing, it really is; and we’re giving one away each day’

Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh yesterday reviewed Apple’s new iPad on what, since its inception on August 1, 1988, is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States. The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations. The program is also broadcast worldwide on the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Network. A November 2008 poll by Zogby International found that Rush Limbaugh was the most trusted news personality in the nation.

From the live transcript, Limbaugh said:

Ladies and gentlemen, I got my new iPad on Friday and I raced home and I set it up. It took me about an hour and a half to sync it with my old iPad, restore from previous backup and so forth. Now, I must tell you something. I spent a lot of time on all of the Apple blogs that I can find and the high-tech blogs. And all last week before the iPad (the third generation, the new iPad) was released, there were reviews. And these reviews, almost without exception… were over the top, and particularly on the new screen, which has four times the pixels of the iPad 2.

It has Retina display, supposedly the best-looking display out there. More pixels, sharper resolution than even a 27- or 50-inch HDTV. Reviews made this out to be unlike anything anybody’s ever seen. So I was eager to get home and take a look at it. I didn’t bother looking at it until I had fully restored and had it ready and up and running. And when I turned it on after it was restored, I looked at the screen. I went to different places. I checked some high-definition movies. I just looked at various websites, apps that had been optimized for the new display. And it wasn’t as good, I thought, as they said. And I was reminded that I was one of the last to see the movie The Exorcist.

By the time I saw the film, everybody had told me how horrible it was, scary it was, gross it was. Think of every superlative you might add to a horror move and multiply it times ten. I was expecting to be so scared I was gonna be running out of the theater within two seconds of seeing Linda Blair. Well, I sat through it all and when it was over, I said, “What was the big deal here?” What had happened was my expectations had been raised so high that there was no way that movie was going to be as scary and as gory as I had been led to believe. Well, the same thing happened to me with this iPad. The reviews that I read raised my expectations so much that there was no way this screen was gonna be anywhere near as good as was I expecting it to be.

And all night Friday and into Saturday, I’m sitting there and, honestly, I’m a little disappointed. But then something happened. Yesterday afternoon, instead of using my computer to do show prep, I sat down, I put the iPad in front of me on my desk, and just exclusively used it. And I don’t know why, but all of a sudden I changed my tune and I was blown away by that display. I was blown away by the screen. It took me a day and a half or two days of using it before I fully, finally appreciated just how amazingly good it is. And this has interested me because I really was a little disappointed Friday night. And I remember I sent my brother a note, ’cause I sent him his iPad for Saturday delivery.

I said, “Look, I don’t know how much you’ve read about this. It’s good, it’s a fine display, but it’s not gonna blow your socks off. You’ve seen this. You’ve seen it on your iPhone. It’s the same display for the most part, just bigger.” Well, he had not read the reviews. He had not spent his time on the Apple blogs. He’s writing a book and is soon to be finished with it. He was blown away with it, and I am now, too. I am totally blown away with this, but it took me two days to appreciate it. I don’t know why. There was just something yesterday afternoon. I’m sitting there and all of a sudden… So what has happened? I have pretty good 1080 projection TV. I’ve good 14-foot 1080p projection TV.

Believe me, it’s good. And I’ve got one in my library, and now they don’t look 1080 to me anymore, compared to the iPad. The iPad blows them away. And they’re good. They’re state-of-the-art. But the sharpness of the iPad screen is much better than my big-screen TV’s, and these are rear-screen projection. They’re not flat screens. It is amazing. It really is. It took two days for me to realize. Now, here’s what I did. Before I knew any of this, I arranged, as I always do (and I secured them; I got it) a huge supply of the new iPads, and they are at the engraver as we speak. They’re being engraved with the EIB logo and the Rush Limbaugh signature, much as the previous iPad 2s that we had that were engraved.

These are the ones just released last Friday. What I’m gonna do… We did this when we started out on Facebook. We’re going to give one of these new iPads away every day starting tomorrow, and we’re going to make it as easy as possible to enter to win one. Basically, you’re just gonna have to follow us on Twitter at either Limbaugh or @RushLimbaugh (again, no space between Rush Limbaugh.) Those are both official handles of the show. Just pick one of them and follow it and you’ll be in there. If you have a Twitter account, you already know what to do. Search for @Limbaugh or @RushLimbaugh (with no space) and click the “follow” button. If you’re not on Twitter already, to sign up all you need is an e-mail address. It’s free.

You go to and the sign-up is right there on the home page. As a bonus, you can follow your own friends; they can follow you. It’s a way to send and get messages from people of interest to you. It’s a lot of fun for some people. Some people go overboard with it, which we will not do, but a lot of people do. Our experiment here, by the way, of posting links on Twitter is going well and we’re gonna keep it up. As I say, the left is really irritated that we have entered what they consider to be their private domain. They really think they own Twitter. Now that we’ve entered it, you have really irritated them. Now, the rules are gonna be posted. They’re not up yet ’cause we’re gonna start the giveaways tomorrow.

But you’ll be able to find the rules and what you have to do to be eligible to win one of these new iPads at my website, And I’ll let you know. Just keep checking there. It will be on the home page there, and you’ll eventually find out what you have to do to be eligible to win one of these new iPads. Which, I have to tell you, after two days, a day and a half, I was overwhelmed and impressed with after the first night being a little bit disappointed. But now this thing blows away my televisions, which were state-of-the-art. It’s an amazing piece of technology. And we’re gonna give one away for five or six days starting tomorrow.


RUSH: No! No! I’ll tell you how I did it. I got the same movie. I had a movie in iTunes, and I watched it via the new 1080p Apple TV on both of my screens. And it looked good, looked great — 1080 looked great. The Apple TV 1080 is pretty close to Blu-ray. It’s not quite, but it’s there. So then I watched the same movie on the iPad, and it blew it away. It’s incomparable! And what’s on the television isn’t bad. I don’t know why it took me a day and a half. Maybe my vision was 20/50 Friday, I don’t know, but it was something. It took me until Sunday to be totally impressed with it. So we’re gonna be giving one away each day for a while now via our little foray into Twitter.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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      1. The liberals are imploding. LOVE IT. They’re cracking up all over the place. Maobama has spent more than George Bush did in 8 years by Himalayan proportions. They know the public has turned on them and their Dear Leader from Kenya will be voted out in a landslide this year. If what they are doing wasn’t so horrific, it would almost be funny watching them lose it. Instead it is so serious that the public has awoken and is now not going to let the greatest nation on the planet go down the tubes because of incredibly devious, selfish, disgusting motives of liberals.

        They are not who they say they are. Someone made a Star Wars comparison on another one of MDN’s great posts. The liberals are Darth Sidious from the second round of Star Wars movies. They pretend to be for the little guy but in reality they are purposely trying to take down the US so they can turn into something so foreign and terrible it would make everyone quake in their boots. We conservatives are the good guys and will win. God is on our side as well. God is like holy water to a Vampire to a liberal as another poster so smartly said.

        1. Rush is such a great person and does such a momentous service to the US. The biggest audience for talk radio, 30 million plus. Keep if up Rush. We LOVE you and we HATE LIBRO-LEMMING-TROLLS.

          1. Nothing like lighting up a really good cigar and listening to Rush totally own Liberals for 3 hours a day Monday – Friday!!!! Fantastic stuff.

            Work hard all week, play some golf over the weekend or if lucky after work. Spend quality time with the family as well. Then either Rush live on the radio, internet-ditto-cam or podcasting or iPad app watch from being a loyal member of Rush 24/7!!!!!! Screw you liberals!

            1. I am sure losing 150+ sponsors Rush has nothing to worry

              If call lies, outright lies and half-truths owning liberals, I would like to see you guys in a real debate. Of course it would be like picking on a kindergarten. I know how special you guys are.

        2. You analysis on liberals is almost as bad as your analogies.

          If you think liberals are imploding and not laughing at the republican president candidates, then you as delusional as your belief in a magic man coming to save you.

          Obama has spent more than GWB in eight years? Now I have heard it all. I guess this is why its impossible to show someone facts and data when they are brain-damaged and believe in some higher power is working in their favor.

          Keep livin in that fantasy world, I am sure you can just pray away everything you dont like… good luck with that.

      2. right not LIKE the uber competent GWB or Reagan that got us in the financial mess. I am sure history and empirical data is lost on you, so it would be pointless to explain.

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            You clearly don’t know math or charts if u think bush’s 8 years didn’t run the debt up more than Obama’s 4 years.

            1. GWB never hid his college records you freaking ahole. Maobama is hiding an AWFUL lot from the US public. There’s a bad reason for it.,

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  1. Call him bombastic or call him the devil, the man LOVES his Apple gear. I can’t wait to start hearing the complaints about how even full 1080p is letterboxed on all four edges because of the superior resolution of the iPad’s new screen. Oh nos up scaling! I want my money back. /sarcasm

  2. He’s right though. The same thing happened to me. I expected to experience a sense of visual euphoria after the way everyone described the screen. When you first turn on the iPad, it doesn’t look any different.

    The subtlety of the retina display creeps up on you. It’s not a matter of what you see, it’s a matter of what you don’t see and that takes a little time for some. Gone are the jagged edges around text, the artifacts left by even the best anti-aliasing. It becomes crystal clear when you look back at the same text on your iPad 2 or 1. You wonder was it always that blurry and I just didn’t notice? The same thing happens when you look at the same text on the screen of you shiny new 27″ iMac. You see blurry text. Previously your brain would make you see smoothness, sort of organic roundness where there was none.

    It’s from that point on that you can’t wait to read stuff on the iPad 3rd gen, even crappy email from some flounder. The experience becomes even more pleasing over time.

    We’re talking double the pixels, squeezed into the same space. Text looks as if it were painted by a tiny little brush in one smooth analog stroke as opposed to being formed by square dots.

    The 3rd gen iPad is the sum of the super high resolution display + 4G + Battery + iSight Camera, and dictation. The whole is greater than the sum of those upgrades.

    Definitely worth the price.

    1. Same here. I even compared the 2 + 3 side by side, and even though I could clearly see the difference, I wasn’t completely blown away. But now a few days later, I can’t go back. Reading on the 3 is pure joy, dictation is friggin awesome. Haven’t used the camera yet, but I used the old one for scanning in drawings, then switched to the iPhone4 for the better resolution. It will be nice to have that built in (though with iCloud it really wasn’t that big of a deal to shoot on the phone and edit on the iPad). 4G will be great when I need it. I agree with the reviews that say the iPad 2 is a perfectly good machine, but don’t look at the 3. Auto upgrade from iPad 1 though…

    2. Me too. It took the reading of most of a book on it on Saturday and realizing, towards the end of the day, that my eyes didn’t hurt or water after several hours usage.

      I was just good for an hour or so of reading on the iPads 1 & 2 before I had to put it down and walk away.

    1. Eeeeeeeww, Gross, you’re a disgusting liberal! You’re trying to take our private property, rights, ruin our jobs, and destroy our country, pure sleaze-scum. I need a shower just thinking about you night crawlers. That IS how everyone now feels about the mass minority-LibroTARDS in the US now. They have completely lifted the veil (although they do nothing to help lift the Burka) on what they are really like. Filthy, disgusting, liars.

  3. “A November 2008 poll by Zogby International found that Rush Limbaugh was the most trusted news personality in the nation.”

    But wait, I thought he was an entertainer/comedian?

    At least he tells the truth about Apple products.

      1. You know Flukes was testifying on the behalf of OTHER women, right? You did read the testimony instead of taking it on Rush’s word right?

        I mean you would have to be an IDIOT to say something about Flukes if you did not read her testimony and call her a slut, especially when listening to a radio shock jock who himself did not read the testimony before launching insults, amiright?

        1. It wasn’t testimony asshloe, it was a press conference set up by the democrat party. You lobs are so effing stupid to think anyone would fall for that BS. This entire Fluke thing is a set up.

          1. Oh it was a setup now.. Nice rush talking point. If u ever have an original thought on the matter it would be appreciated.

            It wasnt a press conference. It was in front of congress and cameras where there.

            1. Oh it was testimony, nice Communist Democratard talking points.

              It was a press conference you jack ass. Do some research before making yourself look like the ass that you are rhetoric-ass!

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